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Help improve the June Grass Report! Please post your personal observations in the comments section here! Helpful things to include would be: location, time of day, wind direction, critters observed, water temp, weather, etc. Before posting here PLEASE read the FAQ. It will take you two seconds. When you post conditions please make sure you know the difference between June Grass and seaweed. If you are unsure please don’t be shy: send a photo to junegrasspics AT g mail DOT com . Seaweed is not a deal-breaker for most people but June Grass is, however seaweed can be smelly and gross but that is pretty unusual here.

  1. jamey vibbert

    It seems all of the beach cams on are down? anyone else having problems

    • They may not have them on yet, since the “season” hasn’t started. They also tend to turn them off when the grass is in, but don’t worry about that quite yet


        they have been down for over 2 months.. I have emailed them but have not received a reply

    • Yes they are down. If you have Facebook you can go to Destin beach cams and they are live there

  2. Does anyone know if June grass is a problem in Laguna Beach area around August?

  3. I went to the Surf Hut restaurant last night, NO JELLYFISH!

  4. Thinking about coming to Seacrest tomorrow for a few days. Anyone have a report on current jellyfish conditions? I don’t mind the big ones as much as the little ones that you can’t see. Also, is the water pretty clear?

  5. September 22,2017 Oakaloosa Island, after several days of incredible weather and water (crystal clear & calm). The jellyfish have arrived 😢 and they are about 10” in diameter! if anyone is here next week please post water conditions. Thanks

  6. We have been at Blue Mountain Beach on Hwy 30a since Saturday, September 16th. The water has been perfectly clear and calm.

  7. Pensacola beach water today was stinky and murky. Gross.

  8. Irma Update
    Cloudy with a little rain off and on today, Monday, Sept.11th here at Crystal Beach in Destin. Beaches closed for swimming both yesterday and today. Not sure what the water clarity will be but it is supposed to be pretty and sunny the rest of the week.

  9. Randall Chad Ashley

    I wonder if Irma will stir up June grass in Navarre

  10. Friday, September 8th
    The water is beautiful and clear here in the Crystal Sands area of Destin. Very calm water today. Plenty of gas, water and food in stores. People are watching the weather to see what Irma will do next.

  11. To correct the date on my last comment it was September 7th not August

  12. August 7,2017, beach on oakaloosa is beautiful clear waters & virtually no waves there are “sea gooseberries” a jelly-like animal often confused with jellyfish on the beach and in the water they do not sting! . There are a few small jellyfish with tentacles in the water. Yellow flys are out in the cool of the evening and love-bugs are in full force, after all it is September.

  13. Okaloosa Island water was gorgeous today! Later in the day lots of small oblong clear amoeba-looking things floating by but seemed harmless.

  14. Henderson park gorgeous today. Crystal clear water. Purple flags but only saw a few jellyfish out by the second sand bar while paddleboarding

  15. We have been in Panama City Beach since Friday. Located at the Holiday Inn Resort. The water is very clear. Saturday was a little rough but today you could not ask for it to be any better. It is beautiful.

  16. Want to go to Navarre beach today how is the June grass?

  17. The video seems to show June Grass at PCB on 8/28/17. Is that correct? With the holiday coming up, is there any hope it will be gone before Friday?

    • Your larger concern is rip tides and dangerous surf over the Labor Day weekend due to storms. You may not even be able to get in the water if double-red flags keep flying. June grass probably won’t be the worry.

  18. Pensacola clear of June grass yesterday but strong current and good sized waves.

  19. Is there still June grass at Pensacola beach, Navarre, FW, or Destin? Thinking about heading there today.

  20. At Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island. Red flags this morning but it was flattening out by noon. Small amounts of junegrass on shore, an area with small broken bits of floating junegrass, and two sea slugs. Thinking it’s going to be fine down there now. Hoping it all washed out in the turmoil of the big waves.

  21. We went to Henderson state park today and it was absolutely beautiful! Clear calm waters. We did end up seeing 2 small sharks that came very close to shore!!! Also saw a few dolphins not to far. Tons of fish while we swam…it was a great way to end our vacation

  22. Ellie, where r u. I’m on oakaloosa island and the waters beautiful

    • Hi we are on Santa Rosa Blvd also. The only spot we found that was clear was by the crab trap restaurant. I think I prefer Henderson after today’s experience.

  23. August 24,2017 I’m half way down Santa Rosa Blvd & the water is crystal clear & green flags are flying! What a difference a week can make. Still a sea slug here and there on land but it’s glorious!

  24. Anybody been to okaloosa island today or yesterday? Is it free of June Grass yet?

    • Still lots of June grass. We found pockets of areas that were clear by the shore but by 4pm the June grass increased and so did the sea slugs

  25. Does anyone know if the water is clear in the Jetties and/or Henderson beach? Fort Walton is FULL of June grass, ugh.

  26. Arrived today at okaloosa island….at 5pm lots of June grass and sea slugs washed up on the shore. Sand is beautiful but wish the water was just as beautiful.

  27. Opal Beach is crystal clear! Beautiful…

  28. Is there still June grass at Pensacola beach this weekend

  29. The water behind the Back Porch in Destin was very clear and no June grass at 4:30 PM

  30. Beasley Park got progressively worse as the day went on. At 9:00 AM the gulf was mostly flat and the water was somewhat clear. At 3:00 PM the water was full of June grass and sea slugs.

  31. What’s the water like this morning at Fort Walton Beach ? Around the Waterscape

  32. Any one know the condition of destin beaches? We live in navarre and the June grass is bad hoping to find some clear water this weekend.

  33. Todd McCallister

    As of Friday, June 17, the June grass was still awful. We had to drive to Henderson State Park to enjoy the water. Disappointing, since we were staying at Waterscape, but that’s the luck of the draw I guess. Heading back to the mountains of NC now! Be back next year!

  34. The water at Miramar Beaxh on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week was beautiful.

  35. Ft. Walton beach~~the June grass is in full swing. Water is so dark and murky as it was yesterday. If you go about 80 feet out it clears up a bit. We are again headed to another spot.

  36. Went to Destin beaches today, absolutely gorgeous only a 15minute drive…swimming was awesome

  37. Hi June Grass admin, I have been going to the gulf since my childhood and I’m 48 now. I can remember all the way back to being 6-7 years old as we would camp on the beach at Destin or Ft Walton. Been going everywhere from Gulf Shores to St George Island. I’d be willing to communicate with researchers if they are looking for way-back info on conditions. Heck, I can remember just 20 years ago how clear the waters were consistently all long the gulf. Now I’m really hesitant to go to Navarre (our fave place on the gulf) due to the high frequency of June Grass.

    • Excellent! Would you mind emailing me: junegrasspics AT G mail DOT com? Then I can pass on your preferred contact info. Sorry for the cryptic email address: spam bots can be a problem here. Thanks for offering to help out!

  38. Agree with the comments for Fort Walton Beach week of August 14. Water along beach at Waterscape is murky with grass but does clear up at sand bar roughly 70′ offshore. It’s not keeping us out of the water, but it would make the kids’ day to find a clear beach before we have to head back to TX tomorrow. Can anyone confirm that Miramar / Henderson State Park is still clear on Thursday, August 17? Many thanks for this site!!

    • Miramar & Henderson State Park are 2 different locations

      • Sorry – was basing the comment on the comments earlier in the week that seemed to put them in the same area. Can anyone confirm that Miramar and/or Henderson State Park are clear? Just don’t want to mention to the kids and get their hopes up if not! Many thanks.

      • There’s a little map to help clarify the different place names under Health and Safety

      • go to for miramar beach look at Surf hut camera, pompono Joes camera and frangista beach camera you will be able to see water conditions.

      • Good pointer, thanks Jamey. Lately we’ve noticed a lot of beach cams suddenly go “out of order” when the June grass is bad

  39. It wasn’t like this last year, I only visited a few times but the water and beaches were clear

  40. Gregory L Little

    Unfortunately, June grass is the reason we stopped going to the Emerald Coast. That was about 10 years ago as there was a significant increase and it just kept getting worse. 30 years ago I don’t ever recall seeing Jim grass or, if so, don’t remember it and would have as I fish the Gulf avidly. The only Escape we were able to find was back in the Bays. That too wasn’t a sure thing. Then that also has its own issues and who wants to go to the Gulf and swim in the bay? Overpopulation? Again it wasn’t here like this before all the high-rises arrived. Pollution, almost certainly. Why would many beaches get closed with heavy rains because of Wastewater overrun if it wasn’t present? Such a beautiful area back in the day but my vice is to move on South to Tampa at least or go over to the Atlantic side where you don’t have to deal with this in June through September.

    • Thanks for the comment Greg. I’m collaborating with some researchers looking into June grass and they were maybe hoping to talk with people who had long term memories of the area. Would you (or anybody reading) be willing to talk with them?

    • I would agree that the grass has gotten consistently worse over the years and I always threaten to head south down the gulf side but we continue to hit the emerald coast year and year for the last 15 years , it’s beautiful and an easy drive for us from Indiana, it’s just the luck of the draw but I have found that the further east you go the better chance you have to avoid it.

      • Jamey would you be willing to talk with researchers about how the June grass was before 2011?

      • Absolutely! I love the emerald coast and plan on moving there when I get all of the kids out of college! And again, thanks so much for the site.

  41. There is quite a bit of June grass at Navarre..

  42. We are in Ft Walton Beach this week and unfortunately the June Grass is awful. On the 13th it was present but light, yesterday the sea was dark green with it. Today the water literally looked black and smelled horrible. In addition sea slugs are washing up everywhere after the storms. My kids wouldn’t swim today- very disappointed.We drove here from Pennsylvania for the beautiful water!! 😦

  43. aug 14 5p west of pier park. water is almost perfect. 89 degrees. clear. waves a little strong. recent storm moved the beach around a little – literally. sea floor rises and falls a foot as you walk along 30 ft out.

  44. We just arrived here in Destin Pointe today here in Destin FL, this is our 7th year vacationing here… the water has always been a beautiful blue-green/clear, but this time it’s green & murky. Does anyone know why?

  45. We are in Fort Walton this week until Friday the 17th and The water is full of Junr grass! Does anyone know of a clean beach near by Please! The kids arent enjoying themselves at all Hope it clears up a bit.

    • Drive down to Miramar, just google Panama Joes and head there. It is a public beach with public parking. That’s what we did a couple of weeks ago. It’s gorgeous! Clear water, beautiful beaches, bathrooms and place to clean up after!

      • When i Google Panama Joe’s something cali comes up. Is that the name of the beach?

      • The name you are looking for is Pompano Joe’s in Miramar Beach. Public parking is next door to the restaurant.

    • The restaurant hkeller44 is referring to is Pompano Joes, not Panama Joes 🙂 And also check out Henderson State Beach Park in Destin. It is $6 per car but the beach and water is usually beautiful and uncrowded (it is a big area so plenty of room for people to spread out). There are picnic pavilions and restrooms, also. That is where we went when we stayed at FWB earlier this month as we had the same problem you are having with the June Grass.

  46. Lawrence L Watson

    Okaloosa still has moderate June grass. High tide left some on the beach along with a good number of sea slugs. I would still come if you have scheduled a trip, but just know the water is not ideal.

  47. Little bit of June grass in Perdido Key. But the water was even pretty clear

  48. Lawrence L Watson

    Okaloosa island has moderate june grass at 3pm on Sunday. Clears about 75 yards from shore.

  49. Navarre has no June grass. A little murky but great day on the beach.

  50. Headed to PCB next weekend. Hoping the water is clear. Does anyone have any insight?

    • Been at PCB since 8/7, the water has been clear but the waves have been rough, yesterday was the 1st day with semi-calm waters. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the beach inspite of the waves.

  51. We got in to FWB on the 8th, water was black with June grass. Next day huge waves cleared the grass out and it’s been great since. Water is cloudy but nice.

  52. Hi. How is Pensacola today. Ty

  53. How’s Navarre looking for mine grass ??

  54. Perdido Keymis clé at since 3 days…YES!!!!

  55. Looking for an update for Fort Walton Beach, we arrive tomorrow for vacation – yeah!

  56. Anyone from Miramar Beach/Destin area? How does the water look like? Driving all the way from Houston tomorrow night 🙂

    • We were in a condo at the Destin West Bay Resort right on the beach July 24-29. The weather was perfect and the ocean great, except there was a lot of seaweed in the ocean. We’ve been the last two years and never saw that before. Not sure why this year! It was a bit of a nuisance but we had fun anyway!

    • We are leaving Miramar Beach (near pompano joes) today. We’ve been there since Aug 5th. The water has been beautiful. Very, very little junegrass. Red flags the past couple of days. Great for boogie boarding/surfing. Go over what to do in a rip tide situation with any children/teens. Have fun! It was gorgeous all week:)

  57. Pensacola beach is gorgeous this morning! No grass at all very clear. Large waves tho

  58. Stefanie Williams

    Anyone know what Orange Beach, AL looks like? We’re wanting to take a day trip there tomorrow.

  59. June Grass is gone today in Perdido Key. It’s all clear 🙂

  60. The stuff at Opal was black

  61. Water is clear and beautiful on Okaloosa Island today, with no June grass, but waves are big. Red flags just went up.

  62. Been at Santa Rosa beach since Aug 6 – WILD waves, few even felt like riptide, and water has been murky. We plan on checking out Miramar beach before making the drive to the springs for clear and calm water.

    • Rip tide is super common here, be careful!

      • Thanks! Really surprised by it because when we were here last Aug 2015, we rented a place over at Miramar beach and the water was sooo calm and clear. Santa Rosa proves to be the exact opposite this year. Sadness…

  63. Any reports about Navarre?

  64. Mirimar Beach is clear and beautiful today. Well worth the drive from Fort Walton.

  65. Waves are black. Water is back from The pier to our place. Island Princess. Water and beach are nasty.

  66. Just arrived at Okaloosa island. Looks like BP had an oil spill. WAves are black. WIll not be back

    • Been to FWB for the last 9 years – gone at the end of March several times (weather has been nice but also cold), 1st week of May ( same like March), 1st week of November (very quite and mostly nice) and The first week of October ( crowed but the best). Don’t give up on FWB just pick a different time. I’m getting there on Saturday and the reports are depressing but I’m still going.

  67. June grass is bad. Very bad on scale of 1-10. Staying at Island Princess FWB. UNBELIEVABLE!!! We are where all week but goin elsewhere tomorrow..

  68. Okaloosa was like a 2 on the icky scale at 9 this morning, but now, its closer to a 7. We just crossed over to destin and are at Henderson state park beach. MUCH BETTER!!

  69. Does anybody knows a bout Destin today? In Perdido Key, there is some sections with lots of June Grass and if y ou walk 100 feets on the beach (o the west direction), it could be more clear, but not perfect.

  70. The water brown is & murky at the Dunes of Seagrove, Seagrove Beach – we’ve been coming for 40 years & this is about as bad as I’ve ever seen it. If it were our first time down, it would be the last.

  71. June grass still at Opal today, although there are a few sections that are a bit lighter.

  72. It’s horrible in Fort Walton today!!

  73. Staying on Okaloosa Island. Been here since Saturday and the beach is terrible. Can’t see anything but Junegrass!! Went to Henderson State Beach today and it was beautiful. Will be going back the rest of the trip.

    • Good thing you didn’t have to drive far to get to a better beach. I will definitely keep that as an option when we get there!

  74. Rachel Lee Singletary Williams

    The waves here at Pensacola Beach are black with June grass 😦

  75. Just booked a hotel for ending of Aug on okakoosa island for the first time… reading about june grass and I’m scared our beach trip might be ruined. Anyone went there today?

  76. How is Panama City Beach?

    • Just got home from PCB and all last week the beach was beautiful, crystal clear we enjoyed the whole week with no bad water at all.

  77. Henderson state park is clear today! 👍🏻

  78. Brant Alexander

    We are at Henderson beach and it is beautiful! No grass BUT bacteria is high

  79. Is the water at Henderson state park clear today?

  80. Perdido Key was horrible on sunday. Does anybody Kroes a bout orange beach or somewhere in the beggining or alabama?

    • I was out on Dauphin Island on Friday, no grass there, but there had been a lot of rain so that might have gotten everything fired up. I I can tell you it was much better than Pensacola over the course of this weekend.

  81. Hi, I’m going to Navarre this Sunday to next Friday and a little concerned about the water conditions. I keep reading where water is dirty and almost black. Would it clear out by Sunday possibly? Or should I cancel my reservations for beach beach nearby..? I live near SC/NC beaches so was hoping for clearer water..

  82. Went to Henderson State Park beach today (Sunday), no June Grass. Navarre Beach was still pretty bad.

  83. Lots of June grass in perdido today … how long does it take for it to clear out? Hopefully it’s not this bad all week.

  84. Okaloosa was full of June Grass today. Waves look black.

  85. Where is the closest beach near FWB with clear water?

  86. June grass is horrible in Navarre with lots of jellyfish. Does anyone know about Destin?

  87. Opal Beach has heavy June grass today… anyone know about Destin?

  88. Navarre beach is yucky this morning. Any suggestions to the east or west?

  89. How is Pensacola Beach this morning? Heavy grass??

  90. Fort Walton beach
    Waves are black with rotting June grass. Very gross

  91. At Navarre Beach. June grass is terrible. We drove to henderson beach and it was beautiful. Weather has also been inclement. Wish I woukd hav reviewed reports prior to booking!

  92. Just wanted to thank this web site for being able to help me out last week. I had plans for FWB and after reading and getting a reply back from June grass I changed my hotel to Destin at the last minute. We went to Henderson beach and the water was beautiful and clear the entire week.

  93. We went out to Pensacola today when the rain stopped for a couple hours. It’s still pretty heavy with June grass- dark enough that you can barely see through to the ground. We were out for about 2.5 hours and saw about 4 jellyfish– even touched two of them on accident (and properly freaked out)

  94. Please keep updating Okaloosa if possible we will be arriving late 8/5

    • Go to Wyndham Garden Fort Walton website. Find the beach cam. That s what I’m doing. Hopefully optimistic the water has at least some clear spots when we arrive 8/12. Also the Breakers has a cam and the Crab trap finally turned theirs on so maybe it’s clearing a bit.

      • Ok, thank you. as of right now the cameras do no appear to be ‘working’ and hopefully the storms move out soon! 🙂

    • following. We are arriving late 8/5 as well

  95. How is the water at Okaloosa Island @ FWB? We’re arriving on Sat. 8/5.

  96. Heading to Navarre this Saturday. Has the June grass gotten any better?

  97. Just got back to our hotel from Miramar today and the waters were crystal clear. I think I saw a jelly at the end, but I wasn’t wearing my glasses and that was after quite a few hours running around so it may have just been the sand settling with the waves. We didn’t have any problems/ see any other dangerous sea life, but the little fish out there were swimming around in schools around our feet- so that was cute. Probably going to try Opal again tomorrow first just to see if the grass moved out at all, but if not then we’ll definitely run back to Miramar. Hopefully with some goggles this time.

  98. Panama City Beach at St Andrews State Park is clear water. There is a little seaweed and sea grass in sporadic areas but nothing significant. It does not diminish the swimming or beach experience. No june grass.

  99. We left our condo in Navarre today and went to Henderson State Park. Good decision. Water was very nice and clear. There was a bacteria warning though.
    Now back in Navarre and water is still bad with June Grass.
    Looks like for clear water go east.

  100. Heading to Navarre Saturday. How bad has the june grass been? Any suggestions?

  101. Just got out to Opal beach and the waters are completely black with June grass. About to pack up and go to Destin.

  102. Miramar Beach is absolutely perfect!! Went to Henderson state park yesterday, beautiful water!

  103. Crystal Beach in Destin is clear and calm. Beautiful water.

  104. Perdido Key beach at Windermere–June Grass washed in yesterday and looks green and murky today as well–quite a bit washed up on shore overnight. But hey–its great to be on a beach!

  105. Pensacola beach- I don’t feel confident in difference between seaweed and June grass..all I know is what ever I washed down my drain yesterday would have suffiiciently fed a hobbit – and it’s worse today- and I am so sad…spent all my money to come here because i remembered crystal clear water… If anyone knows anywhere close where water is clear please post.

  106. Navarre was bad yesterday. It started to clear up a little by evening but the clear areas were full of jellyfish.
    Looking like today will be a repeat.

  107. Crystal Beach in Destin was near perfect today.

  108. Dune Allen beach was beautiful today! Well worth the drive down there today from Navarre.

  109. How long does this Junegrass typically hang around?

  110. Kathleen Bennett

    Water at Navarre Beach heavy with seaweed. We hope it clears out over the next few days. If anyone has any recommendations of clear beaches, please let us know. We’d be grateful!!

  111. In Panama City Beach and the beach is beautiful most crystal clear water I have seen in many years

  112. Heading out to Destin tomorrow. What’s the beach like around the east jetties. We’ve stayed before and the first day was full or grass the the rest of the trip was perfect.

  113. Pensacola has black water due to June grass. Stinky and gross.

  114. Grayton Beach today and yesterday has been absolutely crystal clear.

  115. yesterday, july 31. 6pm, west of pier park… water was perfect. no june grass, no jelly fish. water 87 degrees, moderate surf. close to perfect.

  116. Ruth I noticed that coincidence about the beachcams too.

  117. How is the water in and around Navarre?

  118. Okaloosa Island had grass today upon our arrival, but that didnt stop most folks from swimming. Hopefully today willbe more clear 🤞🏻

  119. ruth lebowitz

    Interesting that several beach webcams are conveniently out of order exactly while the water conditions are yucky. I can’t imagine the media LIKES this website that would discourage visitors once they learn the poor water conditions….

  120. Navarre Beach has traces of June grass today but improved by 90-95% of what it has been. Wild waves this morning though.

  121. Grayton Beach State Park in good condition today. There is june grass visible beyond the second sandbar but only a few small clumps had worked their way close to shore. Not enough to notice unless you were looking for it, which I was. The turtle reef, about 750 feet from shore, did have june grass impacting visibility, according to other visitors who had paddled out there. State park ranger at the gate says it comes and goes but usually doesn’t stay. We walked to the dune lake outflow west of the park and there was more noticeable june grass over there. But not even 1 on the grossness scale.

  122. In Panama City 7/21 to 7/28 and the water was never clear. We were at Edgewater and disappointed in the amount of algae…never thought to check that before made reservations. It ended up all over you when you took suit off at end of day 😔

    • Did you happen to go to St Andrews State Park while you were there? I was hoping to go snorkel in a couple of days and wondered about visibility in that pool behind the jetties.

  123. Is the June grass still bad at Navarre beach

  124. susan glascock

    What is Panama City Beach like? Is the water clear?

    • Ana Martinez Alvarado

      Here in Panama City Beach. When we first woke up the water looked murky. By 2:00 it was starting to clear so we headed down to the beach. By 4:00 it was beautiful … too bad a storm rolled in :(…

    • Ana Martinez Alvarado

      Here in Panama City Beach. When we first woke up the water looked murky. By 2:00 it was starting to clear so we headed down to the beach. By 4:00 it was beautiful … too bad a storm rolled in :(…

  125. Made it to Navarre today. June Grass is bad 😔 Hoping it moves out for the rest of our week.

  126. The water here in Navarre has a lot of what I believe is June grass. We’re here for a week. Hope it clears up. If anyone knows of a clear beach between Pensacola and Destin I’d love to hear about it.

    • I was at pompano joes Sat. On Miramar beach and water was junegrass free. We are staying just east of Henderson State Park on crystal beach and water is great today (Sunday)

    • Destin has a state park beach(Henderson Beach State Park) that is typically clear even when June grass is at its worst in Ft. Walton. Hope this helps!

  127. Seawana Martin

    How’s the beach at ft Walton and okaloosa island looking ???

    • Water is clear and calm on Okaloosa today. It has been hit and miss over the last week. On Friday evening it cleared up, but the grass was back yesterday. Clear today!

  128. Lower Grand Lagoon has June grass now, was just localized areas of seaweed. . I’d say about 5 on grossness index. Has progressively become worse past couple of days.

  129. How are water conditions in Miramar Beach? We arrive Monday.

    • Miramar and crystal beaches looking great.

    • We got here yesterday….water seems nice and clear. Haven’t been swimming yet, but walked down to check it out. Stopped by FWB earlier today and there was still some grass floating around, but apparently better than last week from what I’ve read.

  130. Fort Walton beach looks mostly clear again today. Some small areas of scattered grass but easy enough to stay in clear areas.

  131. Jellyfish showed at Fort Pickens today. Life guard says they are just starting to come in and will get worse.

  132. Christine Reynolds

    Opal beach was still covered in June grass but not as bad as 2 days prior. Tomorrow is our last full day so I will try one last time but it’s still a beautiful beach even when covered in Junegrass.

  133. Went to blue mountain beach and the water was much clearer than Panama City Beach. Still not completely clear much better than Panama City beach yesterday. No seaweed and minimal June grass.

  134. Pensacola Beach is great today. The water is completely clear. Went out kayaking and could see the ocean floor in over 10 feet of water. Not a single sign of June grass.

  135. Becky Zumwalt

    Is there any June Grass at St. Andrews State Park or Shell Island today?

  136. The water is much clearer today at Navarre Beach. You can see the floor of the ocean in up to 5′ of water. A huge improvement over the last few days.

  137. Claire Mcdaniels

    We are at Sea Dunes on Okaloosa Island and it is beautiful today. The last 4 days we’ve been driving to Henderson but we finally get to stay at our beach today!

  138. Seawana Martin

    How’s the beaches at ft.Walton and Okaloosa island looking???

  139. Panama City beach is awful today. Very thick and green. It’s been progressively getting worse this week.

  140. theaqueoustransmission

    Most beaches from Okaloosa to Destin are under a health advisory. Check before you go!

  141. Does anybody know how Grayton Beach is?

  142. Anyone know of any beaches close to Navarre that are not covered up in seaweed/junegrass. Looking for someplace good for snorkeling.

  143. The beach at okaloosa island is much clearer today. Some sea weed. Beautiful today!

  144. Okaloosa cleared up a great deal today. Still some in the water but it’s back to being emerald green. We have been going to Henderson beach state park and today they have a bacteria warning just FYI

  145. Been at Pensacola Beach since Monday and the water was full of june grass, but today the water is beautiful! It’s the beautiful emerald green water that everyone comes for.

  146. We are in Navarre now and the June grass is horrible. It has gotten worse over the last 3 days we have been here. Just wondering how the water is in Destin or Miramar right now. Wanting to drive to a clear beach tomorrow!

  147. Navarre beach : I’m sorry I can’t say if it was seaweed or June grass but there was alot in the water it wasn’t clear enough to see the water and there was these sea slug slime things that looked like the plants in the water. (Jul 25)

  148. Sunnyside end of PC very murky and tea colored. We have driven everyday to Henderson State Park in destin to swim. Water is gross all down 30a until you get to that area of Destin.

  149. Once the June grass and seaweed comes in in the summer months, typically how long does it last? Does it go back out to sea or float down the shore line to the next beach?

    • It’s very unpredictable. It usually comes from the west and moves east but winds & tides move it around locally. Sometimes it stays until early October!

  150. Does anyone know if the water conditions in Ft. Walton/Okaloosa Island are improving?

  151. How is the beaches looking in Destin…looking yo go first week in aug.

  152. Clifford H Albritton

    Heavy June grass on Pensacola beaches July 24, 2017…nice water temps and low currents…yellow flag.

    • paula hernandez

      How are the waters at Navarre Beach

      • Lots of grass in the water at Navarre beach How long does the grass useally last. I promised I’d take my nephew snorkeling at the reef but it’s pointless as of now.

      • I’m wondering the same thing. We heading to Navarre 7/29. Have some friends there now and they say it’s horrible 😔

  153. How does Nautilus/Okaloosa Island look? Watching the Wyndham Garden bech cam next door & looks a bit better than recent days, but that could be my optimism. Seems like more folks on the beach & a few in the water late in the afternoon/evening? Also watching The Breakers cam but its got a lame angle that messes w/the shadows/color. Waiting to make the call if we’re doing FL this year or not.
    Thanks & cheers!

  154. June grass in Pensacola Beach is thick. Smells bad and is nasty.

  155. Heading down Aug 19. Do you think the grass will be gone. It was nasty last year but great water 2 years ago

  156. We went to Henderson Beach in Destin 2 days ago and the water was beautiful! It’s $6 for a car load up to 8 people.

  157. Does anyone know if there is June grass at Holiday isle beach area ?

    • It’s the only place somewhat clear in the harbor area of Holiday Isle. I live here so that is our go to place when the beaches are full of June grass… Lots of water stuff to do there..

  158. The beach behind turtle walk on Santa Rosa blvd is awful. I don’t understand why the beach is not graded daily to prevent the disgusting build up of seaweed in the slue.

  159. Dune Allen Beach…June grass was heavy yesterday and this morning, but cleared up mid-day. Afternoon was much better

  160. How is the water at Navarre beach

  161. Does anyone have any info on Junegrass at Mexico Beach, FL?

  162. Looking for any info on beach conditions in Destin, FL and Gulf Shores, AL.

  163. Seawana Martin

    Will the June grass be gone by the 31th of this month?

  164. Oskaloosa still a mess today. 10 on the gross scale.

  165. How is Pensacola Beach. Considering cancelling my Aug 4th reservation at Ft. Walton Beach.

  166. How is blue mountain? Seaside? Is Miramar clear today-it was on Saturday.

  167. Santa Rosa beach looking slimy this morning…

  168. Does anyone know the conditions at Pensacola Beach?

  169. I live about an hour from fort Walton Beachso we go very often, normally the water is crystal clear and beautiful, but today the water btraking the shore and about 50 feet out was totally black and ful of seaweed , yet people were still swimming in it,, Not us, after last week sever Fleash eating bacteria was located in the was all the way from Pensacola to Panama City. I would not let the kids swim whic was a huge disappointment. I just wanted to be honest with all the people coming into the gulf coast. Normally we have beautiful crystal Lear water, but until someone tells me what this is making the water black as oil , I wouldn’t even put a foot in it

    • I think the blackness is from all the June grass & other crud decomposing. I agree about not getting in, yuck! Yes, the risk of contracting Vibrio and other nasty bacteria goes up with the increased rainfall. I’m surprised the health dept. hasn’t closed more beaches due to fecal bacteria, so be sure to check on that too.

  170. Okaloosa Island was pretty awful this morning, but the June grass started to break up this afternoon. There were plenty of areas that were clear enough to swim in and not feel totally disgusting. Bonus: Lots of sand dollars!!

  171. Candace Mauney

    June grass has been terrible on Okaloosa island dor the last two days. The smell is awful!

  172. How are Crystal and Miramar beaches today. Any signs of June Grass?

  173. Anthony Burton

    7/21/17 Gulf Shores smelled horrible from dead fish. We were there about 6:30 and the beach was pretty well empty.

  174. Crystal Beach was beautiful today. We are staying on Okaloosa and it’s nasty-looks like oil. It’s been gross all week.

  175. Was in Destin (Sundestin Beach Resort) from June 18th until today. When we first got there on Tuesday, the water was a little murky. Someone said it had been raining a lot the days prior to our arrival. Went to sleep that night and woke up the next morning and the water was crystal clear and beautiful and it still was when we left today.

  176. So once the June grass comes in, how long does it usually stay? Headed to Navarre 7/29. Thanks

  177. Water in Fort Walton is terrible almost black in color full of June grass 😭

  178. Miramar Beach has been absolutely perfect and clear the last 2 days!

  179. Seawana Martin

    How is the water and beach at ft Walton beach close to wateresape condo

  180. Any change in the water in FWB? Coming in this Sunday, July 24th.

    • Well let’s say this and I love fort Walton and Destin a live close to it but today the Black Sea weed made the water look like oil… Yuck and last week there were reports of flesh eating bacteria ask around to the locals they will be honest

  181. Staying at Gulf Dunes in Ft. Walton…. been here since last Saturday and the June grass is absolutely horrible. Dead fish up and down the beach. It smells terrible. We have been driving 20 min to Miramar beach so we can actually swim in clear water. Very disappointing.

  182. can someone please post a picture of Fort Walton Beach/Okaloosa Island. Thanks

  183. Rachael Simmons

    Thurs, 20th topsail beaches are really bad. It looked like green slime rolling in the waves.

  184. Rachael Simmons

    Yesterday miramar beach by pompano Joe’s was absolutely beautiful! Water was Crystal clear and calm!

  185. Any information on June Grass in Orange Beach?

    • Just left ora he beach to come to okaloosa island for a few days. OB was beautiful, calm, and clear but jellies in the water!

  186. I went to Okaloosa Island today and it is thick and smelly.

  187. What is the water like this evening on okaloosa island.

    • We are in Ft. Walton right now and it is horrible here. The Junegrass is horrible, dead fish on the beach and the smell is terrible. The water is so dark it looks like oil. All the chairs were empty at noon and the rest of the day. The guy working with chairs said it got bad last week.

  188. Pensacola Beach a lot of June Grass
    Smelly dirty water.

  189. How is water in Seaside? June Grass?

  190. Erica Latella

    We spent July 18-20 in Navarre, and it was not clear. Full of seaweed unless you want to swim through it and go far out.

  191. Thanks for the reply, would it be better maybe for me to stay in Navarre or PCB?

  192. Why is the June grass so bad in Ft Walton Beach? I am going to be staying there next week. What are the odds of the water being clear by then?

    • It’s raining…again….so probably not good. I think it’s because of the proximity to the freshwater inputs from the bay, which are full of crud because it has been raining a lot upstream

  193. I’m coming down to ft Walton beach and staying at waterscape on the 31st wonder if the water will be cleared up …..or Is the June grass bad now at the beach

  194. Pompano Joes and the Back porch in Destin look pretty clear. Yesterday Beasley Park and the Crab Trap were gross 5/10 with a lot of dead fish washing up

  195. Chrissy respass

    What is the water clarity at Miramar beach? We are in FT Walton and the June grass is absolutely awful- I refuse to get in the water- so thick!!

  196. the water is crystal clear and smooth as glass in Panama City Beach

  197. Water at Dunes of Panama PCB is beautiful! Clear and blue green

  198. Beautiful at Seagrove today near Eastern Lake outfall. Gulf is now flowing into the lake and washed away most of the brown water! Hope the wind stays in our favor!!

    • Rachael Simmons

      Yay! This is just what I was looking for! Thank you for posting. We are heading to a condo in sea grove today. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to drive to anther beach 😊

  199. Visited Johnsons Beach in Perdido Key yesterday and the June grass was very thick. I did not see any dead fish though.

  200. Anyone know what the current conditions are around Pelican Isle on Fort Walton Beach? We’re arriving tomorrow.

    • We are staying really close to there and the beaches have been pretty gross. Dark water with June grass, dead fish. We have been making the drive to Destin for our beach time and the waters are gorgeous there.

    • Been at Pelican Isle since Saturday, hate to disappoint you, but the beach was even worse yesterday than when we arrived. At least there weren’t as many dead fish so the smell was gone. But the water next to the beach is just black with June grass. No visibility. Drove to Henderson State Park (10 miles away) and it was beautiful.

  201. Crystal clear and calm at navarre today

  202. Heading down to PCB on Friday. Can anyone there tell me what the water looks like? Is the June grass gone? Thanks

  203. Laguna Beach area of PCB is clear and beautiful. No junegrass.

  204. Heading to PCB in a few days….. I have seen that water has been bad close to there but nothing said about PCB directly. Anybody with any info on how the water has been?

  205. Clear areas near Destin? Topsail not so good today.

  206. Anyone know if Navarre is clear today?

  207. How is the water in PCB? Will be staying at Treasure Island beginning Sat.

  208. Grass is awful at Okaloosa Island. We’ve been here since Sunday and it’s gotten increasingly worse.

  209. Henderson State Park (Destin) was beautiful today. Okaloosa Island at Beasley Park had dead fish and june grass.

  210. Kelli Wilbanks

    How is the water in FWB? We are coming down Saturday. Last year was our first trip there and the water and beach area was awful with all the dead fish.

    • We have been here since Saturday and the water has been gross. Dead fish almost everyday. Went to Henderson State park, water was perfect. Little seaweed and no dead fish.

  211. Hey y’all, heading to Destin, FL, JettyEast the first week in August, how’s the water been looking?

  212. Rachael Simmons

    June grass is about a 5 at topsail hill preserve beaches toady.

  213. Seagrove beach- last week was ok but not emerald, this week the water has been terrible. Very dark and brown. Locals say because of so much rain eastern lake flowing into gulf.

  214. What are the conditions in Destin?

  215. Best area today?

  216. Clear water at Grayton Beach, where my cousin is visiting. Looks like the dune lakes have flushed a bit of brackish water that’s collected between the shoreline and a sandbar but expect that to be cleared after a high tide.

  217. Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island on Sunday 7/16/2017
    Much better than the previous weekend. The smell is gone. Dead fish are still there, but only the bones (note the fat and happy seagulls nearby). I still saw some June grass in the water but it is not as bad as the weekend before. There were some people in the water. Conditions were not optimal, but if you pick the right spot you could enjoy some beach time.
    I walked east towards Destin for about 45 minutes and both June grass and fish bones (and a few bigger carcasses) were present but not horrible: okay for a walk but I wouldn’t recommend a beach day.

  218. Anyone have a report on Navarre Beach? I think we may head that way tomorrow since Okaloosa is so bad with dead fish and grass

    • Spent yesterday (July 16, 2017) at Navarre. Gorgeous water. Just a very few pieces of june grass floating after the water was stirred up with big roller waves. Almost didn’t notice them — probably would not have seen them if I hadn’t been snorkeling. No odor. No dead fish. Had a wonderful day.

  219. Any one at Henderson state park today? How’s the water? We are staying in Fort Walton beach and the dead fish are pretty gross. Looking for a nice beach with no dead fish for the next few days we are here.

  220. Blue Button Jellyfish showed up in Miramar Beach today.

  221. How is Destin looking today?

  222. Guess it would help to have said the Fairfield Inn in Fort Walton Beach… LOL

  223. Walked the beach from the Fairfield Inn to the fishing pier (about 1.5 miles or so) yesterday and the June grass and dead fish were everywhere. No clear spots at all.

  224. What about Navarre

  225. Crystal Baker

    How is Pensacola Beach?

    • Victoria Nicole Hunter

      Pensacola Beach West of the Pier area today. June grass was pretty thick. Probably a level 6 or 7 on the gross meter. Large thick band of it right off the beach. Wading through was horrible and got it all in our swimsuits of course. Water clarity was really bad. No smell or dead fish though. No seaweed either.

  226. Arrived today in Seagrove Beach. No June grass. Water is clear but has a brownish tint. Eastern Lake is very full and lots of overflow very close to the beach. I’ll try to get a pic tomorrow.

  227. Water is absolutely gross today. June grass and dead fish everywhere. Water is basically black for the first 20 or so yards. Super disappointed. Is there anywhere else nearby that’s not so nasty??

    • Water is absolutely gross today. June grass and dead fish everywhere. Water is basically black for the first 20 or so yards. Super disappointed. Is there anywhere else nearby that’s not so nasty??
      We are on Okaloosa island at waters edge condos.

  228. What are the “grass” conditions today at Okaloosa Island, Henderson and Navarre Beaches?

  229. Rachael Simmons

    How is the water near Topsail Hill preserve? We are heading there in 2 days. I’m just wondering if we should expect June grass…

  230. Henderson State Park is beautiful!!

  231. west of pier park on thur 5p 7/13 = 87 degrees, no june grass, no dead fish. water greener than the normal crystal clear. no jelly fish. close to perfect.

  232. How are conditions west of Pier Park area?

  233. Staying at Breakers in Fort Walton Beach. Got here Tuesday night to find almost a wall of dead fish and water with so much June grass it looked black. After a storm blew through this afternoon, the water is at least somewhat clear but the June grass is still pretty constant. Not much in the way of dead fish left though. Went to Destin for snorkelling to get decent water. Sadly leaving in morning and will never have had good water where I’m staying.

  234. Staying in Fort Walton Beach this week and there is a TON of June Grass. I am really disappointed with the water conditions as this is our first trip to the area. Lots of dead fish too!
    Drove into Destin to Henderson Beach State Park and the water is GORGEOUS! We will be coming back here tomorrow for our last day!

    • ugh! We feel for you. We have sworn off FWB completely as every year was a disappointment. The staff kept saying “it’s usually gone by tomorrow.” After several years of putting up with it, tomorrow never came. We have since gone down to Panama City Beach but that too has gotten worse over the years. Not trying to be political, but I can’t help but think the warming of the oceans will make this continually worse every year. We are done with the Panhandle coast, as much as we love it.

    • We have been year after year for the last 14 years or so and never have a problem with June grass when we come in May, or Mid August-October. Not sure if that is doable for you, but it is just as beautiful in FWB as Destin during those times. We have noticed our last few trips the last part of July always seem to have the grass and dead fish and mass amounts of Jelly Fish. Must just be this time of year.

    • Can somebody please give me an update on Panama City Beach? I will be there Saturday.

    • I feel for you too. We went for our first time in 2014 and were disappointed because it was awful. We thought it might be a fluke week and returned the next year to the same thing. You couldn’t even get in the water. So last year we came to PCB and it was beautiful. Back again this year and couldn’t be happier, the water is perfect. It’s a longer drive but absolutely worth it if clear blue/green water is what you are after!!

  235. Patricia A Maldonado

    Any locals know if this horrible Trip Ruining June Grass , clears out? this is the 2nd time we want to stay at Waterscape at Fort Walton because of awesome kids pool. But the BEach is Horrible! Why why! why does it stay so long here! yet Destin is Nicer!

  236. At Henderson State Park beach, $6 for a car of 4. Water is clear, no June grass, seaweed, or dead fish. Kids are much happier today. A little crowded, but not too bad.

  237. The June grass in FWB is TERRIBLE today!!! Second day in a row that we can’t get out in it. BAD fish smell!! Dead fish everywhere! Won’t be returning to FWB next year. Will drive to Destin today! It was beautiful yesterday

  238. Lots of June grass in the water and still a lot of dead fish on the beach on Okaloosa Island west of the pier. Yesterday had several sharks near the beach as well. Most small but one would guess to be in the 8′ range. They appeared to be cleaning up remaining dead fish still floating in the water.

  239. Headed down Saturday to FWB. What is the fish and sea grass situation today?

  240. Eric Scharnell

    Heading to Miramar beach on Saturday, any update?

    • We’ve been vacationing at Tops’l in Miramar Beach since 7/8/17. Beach has been totally wonderful our entire stay. We all swam in the ocean EVERY day for several hours each day. Many days, the water was crystal clear, green and beautiful, it was like being in heaven. A few days, there was SOME june grass, but not much, definitely not enough to deter most people as the beach was full of people on all days we’ve been here. Only deterrent might be sharks or stingrays. One day, there was a humongous stingray that swam super close to shore, my dad almost stepped on it, but since the water was so clear, we saw it come through and just let it go right by us.

  241. Just arrived late last night, Ft Walton Beach, Fairfield Inn. As of today, there’s plenty of June grass and dead fish along the shoreline. Another hotel guest told me that it wasn’t bad as of yesterday, so just bad luck for us I suppose. Anyone having better luck at the neighboring beaches??

    • We tried the beach at the Okaloosa Pier and the June grass was a little better but the dead fish situation was much better. Hopefully tomorrow things are even better.

  242. Wondering what the current conditions are at Orange Beach. Heading down in a few days and I am wondering what to expect.

  243. How is the water currently at Navarre. Heading there in a couple weeks. Aug 5th.

    • I’m a local living in Gulf Breeze and we always make the 15-20 min drive to Navarre. It is consistently the nicest beach around and doesn’t seem to be as prone to June grass and murkiness like PCB and others. The water is always just perfect, including this past Sunday, 7/9. The water was a beautiful turquoise and clear, nice and calm, and super warm.

      • Thank you. We have been there twice before. Both times had june grass and the moss. Third time may be a charm.

  244. Dead fish everywhere this past weekend. Stayed at the Destin West for my BFF Wedding. Could not have it on the beach due to the fish. Use the pavilion at Beasley park and it was beautiful. Did do QUICK pictures on the beach. Nauseating to say the least. What caused this????

  245. Virginia M Dameron

    Arrived Saturday night at Ft. Walton Beach (Island Princess condos) and went to the beach Sunday – water was full of June grass. Took a short walk down the beach and there were a few dead fish. Out and about all day today, came back tonight to just walk along the beach before sunset and the whole beach is littered with dead fish – the smell was horrible. This is my first and probably my last trip to this area of Florida. Gross.

  246. If these conditions hold, it will be the third year in a row that we have to drive to get clean water. This may be our last trip to FWB. If I have to drive to Destin area anyway may as well stay there.

  247. Any one have any updates on water conditions near Eastern Lake outfall in Seagrove Beach?

  248. Miramar beach 7/10, water was beyond gorgeous, crystal clear, emerald green

  249. Just arrived to Okaloosa Island near Fort Walton Beach and the water is saturated in June Grass and beach is littered with dead fish. This is Day 1 of 5 for our beach vacation, hope it clears up as I hate to think I spent thousands of dollars to vacation at what smells like an open sewer. We met some who has vacationed here twice a year for the past 12 years and said this is the worst she has experienced.

    • We’re coming down in a few weeks. Could you please give daily updates as to the condition of the water. Thanks.

      • Day 2 of 5, had a hard rain last night and was hoping it would clear it out however as if this morning the water is still saturated with June grass. The water here isn’t blue or emerald green, looks like lake water. Might head to Miramar beach a few miles east as I hear it looks perfect right now.

    • We stayed from 7/3 thru 7/10 at Waterscape in Fort Walton…The water was saturated with algae, grass and dead fish…Finally went to Henderson Public Beach in Destin…absolutely beautiful!!

    • How is the water today? Supposed to head that way next week. We had that nasty water and dead fish last year. Drove to Henderson Beach and it was awesome.

  250. Just arrived in Ft Walton. Each! There are dead fish all over the shore and in the water. The smell is awful. I’ve been coming here for years but rarely in July! Very disappointed!

    • What beach were you all on in Okaloosa Island? I stayed at Summerlin on the island from July 1 – July 8th. My family and I commented on this was one of the best beach weeks in a long time. Clear water w very little grass, rolling waves and green flags for two days. It was a perfect week!

    • What beach were you all on in Okaloosa Island? I stayed at Summerlin on the island from July 1 – July 8th. My family and I commented on this was one of the best beach weeks in a long time. Clear water w very little grass, rolling waves and green flags for two days. It was a perfect week!

  251. Katherine Haze

    A lot of dead fish washed upon shore and in shallow water, a lot of green shit too. Idk the difference between June grass or whatever that is. The beach smelled like an old tuna can and it was really hard to enjoy the nature. I expected clear blue water but got green murk and dead fish. I saw about 100-250 altogether.

  252. We were in Destin all week 7/1-7/9 and the water and weather were perfect. No seaweed, no grass, no rain. The past couple of times we have been down there the water has been terrible. The water was perfectly clear with minimal rip current and fun sea life! We stayed on scenic 98 near the Crab Trap.

  253. PCB has been beautiful all week. Some loose sea grass and small and *very* scattered clumps of seaweed (think individual plants) showed up yesterday. NO June Grass! Haven’t been down to the water yet today, but it looks clear and beautiful from my first floor balcony. Dunes of Panama, east end. 9:00 AM

  254. Had to leave Fort Walton Beach a day early on July 5 as there were thousands of dead fish in water and wash up on the beach. Water had a good bit of green algae in it the prior two days we were there. Most likely my last mid summer trip here and will only come early summer or fall.

  255. Judy L Dingess

    Dead fish everywhere and very BAD smell 7/5/2017

  256. Staying about 1/4 mile west of Alys Beach and the water has been clear of junegrass since Saturday. Was a little green to start but has turned a beautiful blue.

  257. Kayla Vaughn

    So far this week perfect clear water in Destin!! Staying at Sterling Sands couldn’t ask for better weather or water!!

  258. Last year was our last trip to Destin – we were there 6 weeks as usual and experienced only 2 clear clean water in all that time. No more.

    • I had always wanted to see that part of the country, and it’s beaches. I went there last August. I will never go back.

  259. Randy Friddle

    No june grass at Miramar beach so far this week! A little sea weed but no big deal

  260. Jami Garneret

    Water in Destin today was absolutely gorgeous. Although we did see an 8′ hammerhead about 10 yards in and we all had mini heart attacks. Good thing the water is clear!

  261. Any clear water in Alabama ? In orange Beach and the water here is dark and murky.

  262. Lisa Mathews

    Beautiful water yesterday at Sandestin Resort – yellow flags, as surf was a tiny bit rough, but water was clear!!
    So far today looks amazing as well!!

  263. Hello, I have planned a trip to Pensacola but for several reason have had to cancel and was hoping someone might contact me about their willingness to send me a sample, about a freezer bag full, of June Grass, at my expense of course. I know this is strange but I am working with a future marine biologist and need a sample, please.

  264. Dayna Nichole

    No June Grass in Grayton Beach, but the water is dark and murky. Looks more like Atlantic coast. Hopefully it will clear out some this week!

  265. Pensacola beach the water was very murky with lots of seaweed and a little June grass. Surf was fairy rough

  266. Water was a red color around 5:30 this afternoon.

  267. The water in Destin was much darker this morning due to seaweed. It washed in overnight. It has improved somewhat as the day goes on but still some darker spots near shoreline.

  268. Water has much more of a green color than prior days at PCB around Pier Park area

  269. No June grass in Grayton Beach! Lake is outfalling but gulf is crystal clear most of the day!

  270. Navarre today has a slightly heavier green color in the water than in days past, still beautiful.

  271. Diane Jackson

    Visited Beasley Beach on June 27th, Henderson State Park Beach on June 26th, both beaches in Destin with clear, beautiful water, no June grass or sea weed.

  272. Headed to PCB West End near Carrilion Saturday… Can anyone give us beach conditions since TS Cindy’s flooding???

  273. Headed to PCB next week. How is the water? Any June grass or seaweed near Sharkeys?

  274. Perfect day in Destin! The water is clear and beautiful, no seaweed or june grass.

  275. Stacey Crowhurst

    How does Pensacola Beach Look ?

  276. Navarre is looking absolutely amazing today! I believe the north wind blew everything out!

  277. What’s the condition on Okaloosa Island?

  278. Crystal clear water at Miramar today. No grass. Yellow flags. Perfect day.

  279. How’s the water/junegrass in Seacrest?

  280. We went to Navarre Beach yesterday and the water was beautiful. It wasn’t crystal clear but it was turquoise and gorgeous.

  281. Arrived at Navarre Beach yesterday and the water was still churned up from the storm. Today the water looks much better but still has a little ways to go before it reaches emerald coast status.

  282. Arrived at Sand Piper Cove near Miramar yesterday and didn’t see any June grass. The water was a little churned up due to the waves, so it wasn’t as clear, but no grass to report.

    • Jamey Vibbert

      Staying at beachcrest 1 mile east of seaside and the water is really clear , be aware! I have personally had to pull 6 people from the water today due to a rip current. Be very very careful!

  283. I’m using to view the beaches around Destin. The ocean still looks too rough to tell what the conditions will be, but until the winds shift from out of the south, the double red flags may stay around for a bit.

    • It is my understanding that a “cool” front from the North will be pushing a North wind through the area around Monday of next week. This should help some.

  284. If you go to the “Real-Time Beach Updates” section on the left hand column you can choose multiple live beach cameras from around the emerald coast…looks like the storm has brought in a good bit of phunk.

  285. Is there any June Grass on the Destin Beaches???

    • Jamey Vibbert

      My best guess is that Tropical storm Cindy blew the June Grass out, that’s typically what happens with these storms so hopefully after the water calms it will clear up and be June Grass free!

  286. anybody out there? Did the beaches take a beating?

  287. What do u think the condition of the beach and the water in gulf shores after this storm. We are due to arrive in GS on sunday?

    • Jamey Vibbert

      Just arrived at Santa Rosa/seaside. As expected the water is very rough and churned up but I see zero June grass! I would expect these conditions all the way from here going west, it will take a couple days for the water to clear up. Double red flags so be smart people. Enjoy ! The beach itself is awesome it’s 89 and full sun!

  288. Head to Navarre Beach next week…hopefully there will be clear sky’s & clear waters!

  289. Karen Jacomet

    Spent the day at Santa Rosa and it was not pretty. Lots of June grass in the water but it didn’t stop us! We still had fun!

  290. BeachloverfromTennessee

    Well I’m SUPER HAPPY to report that Miramar Beach/Destin is clear as can be today. Of course we have storms moving in so this will likely be as clear as it gets for this week. Tides are calmer than they have been the last few days and the water is so clear, you can see the 3-4″ white fish swimming, a first since I got here Saturday so I’m gonna enjoy this while I can, cloudy or not. Haha! Just happy to see what all the “fuss” is about with these beaches being some of the clearest. Have a great day everyone! Storms for the next 2-3 days as of now so get out and enjoy the beach!

  291. june 18 8pm PCB beach access 70. perfect. water 84 degrees, perfectly clear.
    did anybody hear about the shark spotted at gulf shores alabama? i saw a video. it was less than 10 feet from the shore. it happened yesterday.

  292. Staying in Laguna Beach (west PCB). Water mostly clear. No June grass. Barely any seaweed.

  293. Navarre Beach by pier was covered with June grass. This afternoon. 50 yards from shore was clear but otherwise murky and full of Junegrass.

  294. Thanks to all the great comments on this message board we went to the only close beach that didn’t have a recent negative report – Navarre Beach. The water was clear and blue with only a tiny bit of seaweed. We didn’t see any June grass. It was a great father’s day!

  295. Arrived late last night to Seagrove – water is clear this morning. I’m guessing it might get a little icky this afternoon but we are going to enjoy this while it lasts!!

  296. BeachloverfromTennessee

    Miramar Beach/Destin is full of June Grass. The water is super lime colored green. I’ll be sending in pics as well. Just got here yesterday and some parts look worse today. I’m guessing with storms out in the distant gulf, it’s not likely to get any better. I think I’ll hit up North Carolina from now on. Was there a few weeks ago and it was beautiful. I remember seeing what I “thought” was a lot of seaweed in Panama City back in 1998 & I haven’t been back to this area since. I only went to orange beach or south Florida on the coast but everyone talks about how beautiful these beaches are so I thought I’d give it a try again. I didn’t know they were “known” for this. If I do come back, it will be during the recommended times of year and I’ll be sure to check this website! Thanks everyone and enjoy! Btw, my husband and son swam around with no issues yesterday even though they were covered in it. They came back to fish later that night and found they couldn’t because their line kept getting caught in it so just a heads up if you like to fish in the ocean from the shore side 🙂

    • We are at Miramar/Destin from NC for the first time (arrived yesterday) and noticed the large amounts of June Grass today as well. Husband and son tried to shore fish and their lines were covered in it and they had to quit. I’m hoping it clears up this week or this will be a disappointing vacation. We wanted something different this year, but now we are missing North Myrtle Beach!

  297. Lots of June grass at Pensacola Beach. Virtually unswimmable and water is murky. Any areas clear as I will gladly drive??? This may be my last trip to the Gulf as our trip was ruined last year due to June grass.

  298. Lots of junegrass in Santa Rosa today. Yesterday was crystal clear today slimy, green and smelly 😩

  299. Pensacola Beach near the pier is yucky with June Grass and slightly stinky today.

  300. Alissa Calsetta

    Miserable at okaloosa is there a clean water anywhere?????

  301. June grass at Henderson State Park. 0935.

  302. Staying at Crystal beach in Destin, June 16th. June grass in the water is very high, swampy conditions near beach with bad smell.

  303. Headed to Fort Walton Beach Saturday June 17, how is the water? Warning flags for current and jelly fish? June Grass? Thanks!

  304. I am in Panama City Beach all summer. For $100 I will visit your beach and take pictures of any June grass every day as long as you need. Let me know and I will contact you. Thx!

  305. Jeremy Upchurch

    How is the water on Okaloosa Island? Where is the best place to go to get away from this stuff? Thank you!

  306. Christy Brady

    june grass Tuesday June 13 henderson park beach..

  307. Hilton San Destin: What does the water look like (June Grass)?

  308. Arrived Saturday June 10 and the water was crystal clear. Could see straight through to my feet even at chest deep. June grass came in overnight and has been here to stay so far. Seaweed has been pretty bad today Tuesday the 13th. Still beautiful but nothing like the first day we came.

    • Jamey Vibbert

      Where did you arrive ? Please include which beach and where you are staying to help inform people of current beach conditions and location.

    • Where are you staying?
      We are coming down Saturday to the Laguna Beach end of PCB. Thx.

  309. Severe June grass along 30a beaches near blue mountain beach today. Sunday 6/11. Miramar beach had moderate June grass.

  310. Somewhere between Casino Beach and Portofino… Water is clear and turquoise and gorgeous. Little choppy but no sign of June grass or seaweed. Clouds in and out but for the most part it’s a beautimus beach day.

  311. South to north wind and storm system blew in tons of June grass in Destin area (literally) overnight. Last 2 days were gorgeous water; this morning, horrible. Hope it clears out soon, but looking at the weather forecast, I am not optimistic. 😦

  312. We’re up at Fort Pickens today and the water is clear and turquoise and warm and absolutely perfect. No jellies, no June grass, no seaweed… Couldn’t ask for a nicer day.

  313. On the way to PCB. Anyone got eyes on the beach conditions there. Thanks

  314. Pensacola Beach near the Hilton. Beautiful, gin clear water the last 2 days (06/08 and 06/08). A little June grass in the water when the surf was higher earlier in the week, but even that was pretty light.

  315. Went down to the beach at Gulf Place this evening. Tons of June Grass and very stinky. Not appealing at all.

  316. The Seagrove high rise cam looks pretty awful. Anyone out there with a first hand report?

  317. Pensacola beach near portifino. Crystal clear and BEAUTIFUL!

  318. June 4 2017 – Miramar Beach. We were at the beach the last few days. Saw a few bits of grass and got little stings. Saw more grass June 3 pm – but it wasn’t really heavy. The surf was pretty rough that dvdning.

  319. Larry T Smith Jr

    I live on okaloosa island and this Junegrass is really bad. The rotting smell is making me sick.

  320. On Fort Walton beach, Okaloosa Island by the Gulfarium. June Grass is really bad. solid greengrass in water unless you can get out 50 yards to some clear spots. lifeguards won’t let you swim out to the clear spots so your only choice is swimming in the June grass. Beach is still nice but don’t bring your goggles.

  321. Tons of June grass on Oklahoma island, we are going to try to go on the bay, seems like there is none there. Water is great temperature but the algae it’s disturbing.

  322. Richard Tracy

    The June grass at Okoosa Island is thick, I saw someone trying to fish but he only tried it one time, I guess he did not want to keep pulling grass off his line.

  323. Barbara Finley

    We are staying at fort walton beach and its bad, little fish that bite and little jelly fish, really bad, we drove to Miramar beach about 10 miles away,its was beautiful clear water, about 1230 some yellow stuff came in with the same fish and jelly fish.

  324. Tina kitchens

    June grass at Rick seltzer state park dead slugs and jellyfish as well .

  325. Barbara Sanborn

    I went to Navarre Beach Park on the 27th and the June grass was pretty thick. Then went to the Broadwalk on the 28th and it was the thickest I’ve ever seen it. I don’t remember it being this bad last year. I wouldn’t vacation here right now if you mind swimming in a sea of green.

  326. Yogi McElhenney

    Went to the beach at access 7 near the end of Santa Rosa Blvd on Okoosa Island. June Grass was very heavy. The beach looks like it has astroturfing near the water and the surf is green. Tried fishing but the algae completely overtook the line.

    • Jamey Vibbert

      Sadly…. it’s that time of year, we were down for spring break the first week in April and the weather and the beach water included were amazing, to cold for me to swim but it was great. We will be back June 22-jul 1. Fingers crossed.

  327. Late in the year for June grass, but just arrived at Aqua in PCB and the water was very flat and clear. No June grass at all.

  328. Was in Destin for the week of 9/18-9/24, water conditions around the Crab Trap next to Destiny By the Sea community were spotty sections of clumped June Grass. Areas were very visible from beach entry but easily avoidable. Minimal waves, minimal current as usual. Occasional Jelly spotted, daily reports of sea pests via the dreaded purple flags but nothing in that area.

  329. My family and I were in Destin to enjoy the beach September 23, 2016. Not sure if it was June Grass or Seaweed but it made the wading in the water not pleasant. We still enjoyed the beautiful beach. I will be back when there is no green plant life in the water with me.

  330. Quite a bit of June grass on Quietwater Beach in Pensacola. Further out in the water, there’s less. Choppy waves

  331. Looking for a water clarity report for the area of Destin, Miramar Beach. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  332. Two miles east of pensacola beach the June grass is real thick. Seems like it’s been bad way more often than good lately. Disappointed.

  333. At Pensacola Beach down from pier. The first 20-30 feet is pretty bad with smelly June grass but then it is not too bad. So goes from about a 7 down to 2 on the scale shown in the FAQ. But you will get covered walking through this to the clearer part.

  334. The biggest difference between June Grass and Seaweed is Seaweed typically stays in the water where as June Grass goes back to the condo with you!

  335. Just left Destin! Minimal June grass but seaweed is crazy!

  336. September 6, 2016
    Small amounts of June Grass and lots of little bits of seaweed at Crystal Beach.


    My sister is in Orange Beach today. She said the water was clear today.

  338. Navarre is beautiful today no june grass just big waves. Red flag for rip currents but my family and I still swam

  339. Well I’ve been looking at all the beach cams along the coast of Destin and Miramar and the beach looks beautiful! The water looks nice and clear and I can’t tell if there is any seaweed. We are going to be there in a week so I hope it stays that way! Anyone there now that can update how it is after all the rain. I know it’s still supposed to get some in the next few days

    • I will be arriving tomorrow afternoon, staying at Majestic Sun.I will try to remember to update on here and let you know how it looks. The waters look much clearer than they were before the storm, however, the waters appear to be a lititle on the rough side.

  340. The tropical storm will not help beach conditions in the short or long term. Any storm system kicks up sediment and plants on the sea storm expect muddy water up to two days after any major storm.

  341. Will the tropical storm help clear the water in the gulf?

  342. Glad to hear was clear that way. Sounds west is OK too.

  343. We drove from Destin and stopped just outside PCB. High surf still, but clear water!

  344. Heard make a trip to pcb as it is clear. Not ideal but is drivable

  345. Staying at the Pelican in Destin from 8/25-9/1. There’s been June grass here since day 1 (about an 7 until 30 yards out) and it’s gotten worse each day. Today 8/29 it is about a 9/10. It’s so thick and gross. Even 50-60 yards out its still so gross. Wish I knew of a place near that has some clear water.

  346. Junegrass is slightly better today in Miramar Beach. Grossness index 5 or 6 today, was 7 yesterday. The surf is a little rougher today, I don’t know whether that will bring it in or wash it out.

  347. Thick brown and dark green (also smells terrible) in Santa Rosa. Drove to PCB to escape it and was crystal clear!

  348. Excellent visual sources of the conditions at Navarre’s beach are: and

  349. Pensacola Beach not too bad yesterday, but getting worse today near Ft Pickens.

  350. Pretty gross in Miramar Beach this weekend. Lots of green and brown.

  351. We went to Pensacola yesterday because of how bad the June grass was and it was a lot better although not perfect. You have to go past Navarre all the way to Pensacola beach. The waves were so strong though we couldnt get in pass our waist.

  352. There was lots of June grass today on Miramar beach. We went canoeing to get to the clearer part of the water. Hoping to go to Pensacola to see if there’s clearer water. If anyone has been there, please update!

  353. First time at FWB and learning about June grass the hard way! I’m at the beach now and it’s quite dense for about 20 feet out. Clears up significantly from there. Not sure how this compares to other days/weeks, but I would consider it tolerable

    • T, we were there four years ago and it was piled up on the beach a foot deep and it smelled like a garbage dump both on the balcony or in the condo parking garage. If it’s in the water only, remember it could be worse. It could be coming after you!

      Drove over to the Back Porch in Destin and it was clear as a bell!

  354. We drove from FWB all the way to Pensacola yesterday and it was a mess. We were hoping Navarre would be clean but it was not. Not only is it very thick there with June grass but we saw lots and lots of jellyfish in the water… big jellyfish, too. Pensacola Beach was pretty clear, This morning, back at FWB and Okaloosa Island, it is still a mess: Very thick out to 50 yards or so from shore.

    • Hate to hear that Mike. There is nothing worse than to have a limited number of days to be at the beach and have a nasty beach in front of you. That’s why I continue to post the link. While it’s not perfect, it does give you a better chance of finding cleaner water.

  355. The water looks to be nasty from at leat Henderson Park up to Fort Walton. From what I can tell Panama City looks OK and Pensacola looks like your best bet.

  356. Destin is still pretty gross today. We’re heading up to Pensacola in the hopes for clear water.

  357. Going to Navarre Sept 10. Hoping the tropical storm doesn’t head that way and that the water will clear up. What are the chances it will clear up by then?

  358. Leaving tomorrow all we’ve had is 2 good days this week. Today looks pretty rough also heavy with June grass. Staying at the Majestic Sun

  359. Santa Rosa beaches are an 8 on the yuck factor. IMHO. We’re here until Sept. 3. Hoping the water will clear before then so we can enjoy some swimming.

  360. Donna thompson

    Unfortunately Fort Walton Beach shoreline is still covered with June grass but none is washing up on the beach today. Very few people willing to brave it to get across to clear water. I can’t brave it today😱
    Driving further down to Pennsacola Beach to check it out there, any updates would be appreciated.

  361. Today August 22 2016 the waters are still murky with tons of brown June grass/algae/seaweed?? I’m not really sure the difference. And there were a ton of sea slugs out today. Such a bummer as we were looking forward to the beautiful clear water Fort Walton Beach usually provides. Hopefully it will be better next year.

  362. June grass is still pretty bad at ft walton today and is starting to stink after the large amount the last few days. Only a few brave souls out there swimming. Anyone find a beach nearby that is clean?

  363. Any updates on PCB? My family will be staying at The Majestic next week. Any updates would be appreciated.

  364. i have been at ft walton beach since the 18th and it has just been murky grass in water. v
    can’t get past it on foot

  365. Terrible at Okaloosa Island yesterday. Swimming imossible. Searching for clear water near Destin today.

  366. Marshall Wiles

    Seagrove Beach area in inundated. Pea soup. Hope it clears. We are on Beachfront Road in Walton Dune Townhouses.

  367. On Okaloosa Island and the sea grass is a terrible mess from the shoreline to maybe 60-70 yards out. It’s the worst we’ve seen all summer.

  368. We are in fort Walton and the water for 59 yards out looks like lake water back home. Hopping to head east to destin or miramara beach and have clearer waters. If anyone else has clear water please reply!

  369. We just left Miramar and after the rough gulf from the start of the week we had to deal with the grasses. Got better on Friday and found clear area in front of pompano Joe’s. Leaving Saturday we noticed it was still heavy in the areas. Hope it lessens this week but September is too far away to judge this week. Good luck

  370. Navarre beach has a good amount of June grass yesterday and today. Still swimable but not ideal. Small chunks. I’d give it a 3 on the grossness index. Yellow flags today.

  371. Was at Miramar near beach retreat and the grasses seemed to settled in before the fisrt sandbar. I assume it is now trapped and could take some time to find its way out. Will look further west later today and looking to see if anyone else has an update on the conditions west of Miramar maybe Henderson State Park?

  372. Hello! We are going to be coming to destin in September and I was just wondering if anyone knew how Miramar Beach was looking and how it might be in September? We will be there from the 10th to the 17th. We came last year in October and there was a lot of seaweed in the water and on the beach and it stunk so bad!

    • June grass is a day to day event. There is no possible way to predict what it’s going to be like tomorrow on a given beach let alone weeks from now. It’s a crapshoot really but it’s always worth the risk. Here’s hoping you have gentle waves and clear water!!!

    • We just spent the week in Blue Mountain Beach (8-13-16 to 8-20-16). On three of the seven days, there were thick dark swarms of it, with periodic clearer areas of the water. It was really gross to swim in. But then the next to last day it cleared up a lot. And the final day it was magically gone and we had the water that is advertised on the brochures. Clear pale green water that was an absolute delight.

  373. I’m assuming that the water is murky due the large amounts of recent rainfall. How long does it typically take to clear up and be clear/emerald vs. Dark green/black?

  374. How is Navarre right now. Looked at the beach cam but can not really tell if it’s June grass/ seaweed

  375. Be patient. All the rain and storms stir up the water and it gets murky. I’ve been vacationing in Navarre for year at this same time. I have always found that it clears up once the storms in the gulf settle

  376. Arrived at PCB last night. Woke up and couldn’t wait to see crystal clear waters. It looks like the murky Atlantic. So disappointed. It wasn’t like this last year. What’s going on??

  377. Melissa Brenner

    We’re in PCB and they put up the double red flags and a plane is flying with a bannen that says dangerous rip currents stay on shore.

  378. swimming daily

    august 6 the red flags are out.

  379. How is the June grass in okaloosa-fort Walton beach??

  380. Crystal Beach-Destin, clear as the Caribbean, warm, yellow flags. Perfect. 7/29,7/30

  381. Arriving in Destin today how’s the water hoping it’s clear and blue green

  382. just got back from Pensacola Beach today 7/29/16, water is Not clear, full of june grass or green algae, was like that since Wed 7/27, lots of disappointed people. we swam on the bay side, but really hoped for clear gulf side water
    Destin was pretty clear earlier in the week but double reds kept us out

  383. swimming daily

    pcb west end, yesterday july 28 6p. perfect conditions. no june grass. clear water, 88 degrees.

  384. Myrtle Beach has a purple flag for dangerous marine life. The water is absolutely full of jellyfish!

    • Where exactly is Myrtle Beach?

      • Diane S Osborne

        Myrtle beach is in South carolina

      • I know that :-p I can’t believe anybody from SC would be commenting on the June Grass Report so I am thinking their phone autocorrect was acting up or maybe some silly developer here named their condo Myrtle Beach

  385. Well I haven’t seen any bad reports about the June Grass. Can anyone tell me how the beaches are on the West End? We are leaving tomorrow for PCB to the Celedon and about 3 weeks ago I saw some pretty nasty looking beaches in front of the Celedon and Splash.

  386. Are there any updates on the flags and seaweed in Laguna Beach today?

  387. How is the water in Fort Walton Beach? Is there June Grass?

  388. swimming daily

    july 26 PCB beaches = double red flag. no swimming. the currents were really strong yesterday. my guess is they got worse, hence the dbl red.

  389. Sheila Boston

    Coming to PCB to the Celedon on Sat 30th. Can anyone tell me how the beach is, the June grass gone yet?

  390. Was concerning green and algae everywhere on PCB, so went to Ft Pickens and it was much better. Mostly clear. Water very green everywhere.

  391. Water is murky green in Perdido Key, FL. And small amount of green algae had washed up on the beach this morning.

  392. Just got to Navarre yesterday. Purple flags are out. No June grass but some brown seaweed. Water is clear, warm, and beautiful. I hope it stays this way for our week here.

  393. I have been on okaloosa island for a week, water was excellent. Some days, a bit of seaweed that hung on the bottom, but no June grass at all. Great ocean week.

  394. Fontaine Bleau Panama City, Water pretty clear, Very little seaweed. Very warm too. Shell Island tomorrow.

  395. Pensacola Beach just west of pier clear

  396. How is the water at Navarre Beach?

  397. Crystal clear in PCB

  398. Will be at Magestic Towers in PCB in 2 days!! How’s the water looking?

  399. Coming to PCB on Monday 7-25-16 staying at Grand Panama. Does anyone know how the beach is in that area??

  400. Jamey Vibbert

    Surprisingly from what I have seen Miramar had been relatively clear, end of June it was there but I was at Miramar for 9 days over the Fourth of July and it was crystal clear , I Ck the beach cams daily and it seems to still be clear. The surf hut cam and pompono joes is on Miramar. Good luck!

  401. Stephanie M Rish

    Ft Walton Beach has crystal clear water currently. There are some patchy areas of seaweed, but no June grass!!

  402. How is it that around today’s date, the situation is bad in PCB (to Destin’s east) and also in Fort Walton (to Destin’s west) but yet not bad in Destin? Can the June grass and dead fish situation land sporadically just wherever? Or does it move in a specific direction? We’ll be in Miramar Beach area this weekend…has it already hit there?

  403. Pensacola Beach @ Avenida 16 was 80% clear. A small bit of june grass and some seaweed clumps.

  404. At PCB – Boardwalk Resort this week. Some June Grass on Sat.and Sun but not bad. Mon – Wed was completely clear.

  405. Lots of seaweed and tons of dead fish along the water in PCB in front of the Days Inn. It smells disgusting.

    • Much better this morning west of the pier. Most of the fish have been picked up, and the water is much more clear.

  406. The beach at Waterscape in Ft Walton Beach this afternoon was beautiful. No June grass and very little seaweed. No sea nettles either. There were some dead fish however, and the numbers seemed to be increasing as the day went on. Hopefully the water will be June grass free tomorrow as well.

  407. Can someone please tell me what the water condition is in Panama City Beach? Such as Algie and June grass

  408. anyone down by the Whale’s Tale / Seascape In Destin?

  409. July 19 at Okaloosa at the Islander water is beautiful.

    • the water in front of Whelk ct. sucks because of all the floating seaweed/june grass or whatever you wanna call it. we went to Henderson state park this afternoon and its barely noticeable there. 7-19-16 2:30pm

  410. Sunset today, about 730 or so, the beach in front of Waterscape (and about 4-5 condos east of the resort) in Ft Walton Beach – no June grass in sight. Water is clear and beautiful. We saw some big chunks of seaweed, and two dead fish on our walk. Hopefully it will be that clear tomorrow.

  411. Okaloosa at the Islander water is great. Very little Junegrass. Awesome day. Hear it was bad last week but really nice today. No worries.

  412. swimming daily

    PCB, west end. yesterday 7/17 630p, water was 88 degrees, clear, no june grass. after about two weeks of june grass in late june early july it cleared up. that was several days ago. hasn’t been seen since. nice.

  413. Pelican isle in okaloosa. Gorgeous. Water is much better today. Very little grass today.

  414. At Pelican Isle in Ft Walton and water is nasty. Dead fish on the beach and in the water. Stinks very bad. Water was this way last year too but no dead fish.

  415. Can anyone report on the area of PCB west side near Peg Leg Pete’s towards the entrance to Fort Pickens? Please.

  416. We have always stayed in Destin, but this year we are in Ft Walton and we are so disappointed. The June grass has the water almost black. There are dead fish everywhere and the beach smells. I wish we were in Destin.


    How are the June grass conditions at Shell Island please? St. Andrew’s State park area…coming from Auburn, AL.
    Thank you!

  418. Watersound in Santa Rosa Beach is clear and beautiful today.

  419. Samantha L Bright

    Opal Beach, Pensacola 7/17/2016 11am-3pm. Mild amount of June grass. Light layer floating in spots in water.

  420. West side of PCB gross green algae thick smells bad and sticks to you. Very disappointed in the beach we have stayed before and never seen this!

  421. Some days are great & then the next day it is so so..

  422. Water at Navarre was crystal clear yesterday.

  423. We are staying at Treasure Island in PCB and the water is crystal clear. No June grass in sight😊.

  424. Okaloosa Island Current Status- Gross. Dead fish and smells. The June grass is gross. Icky brown. I’m really upset at the woman who I rented this condo from at Island Princess. I asked for pictures and she sent me one of the sand and a fuzzy one of the beach. She intentionally deceived me so we wouldn’t cancel and go to Miramar instead. We will never come back here.

  425. Anyone know how the water has been in front of Majestic Towers these last few days?


    We woke up disappointed this morning there was storms most of the night. The ocean water is not near as pretty this morning here in front of Edgewater.. Fingers crossed it will clear up as the day goes on …

  427. How does it look in front of pier park? We are headed to Sterling Breeze as I type this

  428. Inlet Beach public access #3. So yesterday was CRYSTAL CLEAR!!! I was so happy. Could see my toes perfectly. Water was crystal blue. Not a single piece of floaty stuff. Today, it seems to be leeching back toward the shore. I can still see my toes, but slimy pieces were all around. If you look out past the sand bars, you can see a whole bunch of it waiting to come to shore, and the water had a green tint to it. Fingers crossed our last day tomorrow is the same or crystal clear again. It amazes me that it can come and go so quickly.

  429. June grass heavy when we first arrived at Celadon last Saturday, July 9, but gradually cleared up being the best day today. However, I noticed it building up a bit in front of the Splash this evening which is next door.

  430. We are staying at Edgewater in Panama the water is great here. We’ve been in the ocean all morning…

  431. We are staying in Emerald Beach Resort starting Saturday 7/16. How does it look down that way? We are also renting a pontoon to head over towards Shell Island on Monday….how are things around Shell Island now?

  432. We will be at Waterscape in Ft Walton Beach on Saturday. How is the beach in that area?

  433. Angela B. Pag'an

    How is Okaloosa Island??

  434. Why is it so clear at Miramar beach and PCB so yucky

    • Hi Terri,
      It simply travels in and out and up and down the coast line. If gets stuck in can hang around for days. Site’s like this one work to give you a better chance at finding good water should yours be bad.

      Nothing worse that bad water on vacation! I don’t think anyone sells insurance for bad water on vacation!

  435. How dose the water look on west end of PCB?

  436. Completely clear today by Hidden Dunes!

  437. swimming daily

    PCB, west end, july 13, about 630pm. last few days heavy june grass first 30 ft or so. beyond that, where the water is still less than waist high, you can easily see your feet in clear water. plus the water temperature is about 87. very nice except close to shore.

  438. We are staying at Rosemary/Inlet Beach and the water was worse today than yesterday. But, we could see patches of clearer, but not perfectly clean water and would just try to make our way out of the yuckiest parts. Hoping it doesn’t get any worse than it already is. Last time we came (Destin area) was in October, and there was no June grass at all. Before that, it had been almost 15 years since we’ve made our way to the gulf. I know we came in the summer, but I don’t recall ANYTHING like this awful green slimy JUNE GRASS. So I guess you have to come in off season to get away from it.

  439. I’ll be in PCB on august 11. how’s the water out there? I don’t want to but I might have to cancel. We were staying at the beachside resort

    • June grass changes day to day there is absolutely no way anyone can predict what it’s going to be like on August 11th. I think it would certainly be a bad idea to cancel your trip.

    • It changes hourly ….it changes daily… changes every 50 to 100 feet …you will have to check the day you are going to be here….take your chances .if its ugly behind your condo then walk 50 feet and it might be clear….or enjoy the beach and swim in the pool….don’t let the threat of June grass ruin your stay.

    • There is always St Andrews Park in’s awesome..

  440. We will be staying at the Majestic Towers in a few weeks. What is the June grass like in that area? How bad is it usually the last week of July?

  441. We will be on Navarre Beach week of 7/17. What is the June grass situation there and nearby? We LOVE the Florida panhandle!

  442. 7/12/16 Grayton beach State park today was clear. Small pieces of June grass but that’s it. Water was beautiful !

  443. What’s it like in front of Shores of Panama were coming down for ballgames

  444. We were planning a trip to Shell Island today. Is it covered in green like the rest of the beaches here?

  445. It this green mess staying in the same places or is moving out in a day or two??? We are suppose to be at Edgewater on Thursday… I don’t won’t to drive 8 hrs for nothing..

    • Hi Kim,
      Your best bet is to do some home work. This website combined with this webcam network you will be able to see for yourself where the June Grass is located, because it does travel up and down the coast. Your right, there is nothing worse that making that track and paying 2K for week on the beach and the water sucking and smelling. Been there done that! Best of luck and have fun!

  446. We are at Celadon, and today is by far the worst. It looks like a green carpet stretched out, and the smell is horrible. Any clear beach suggestions much appreciated.

  447. If I were in Panama City dealing with the June Grass today I would head west to Henderson State Park. The water looks good compared to what I can see at Spinnaker Beach Club. Go here to view beach cams up and down the Gulf Coast.

  448. We will be at Nautical Watch on the east side of PCB, how’s the water?

  449. We have been at Seagrove Beach on Hwy 30a since Saturday. Clear water and clear skies.

  450. We are at Miramar Beach, Destin. The water is crystal

  451. Can anyone tell me what the Destin area is looking like this week? I have heard there is dead fish floating around. Is that true and if so any idea what may have caused this?

  452. We are set up by the Seamist condos, Blue 9, Dolphin Watch, etc…about 1.5 miles west of Alys Beach and it has been perfect all day. Crystal clear. Perfect.

  453. How are the beaches in Seacrest Beach (between Seagrove Beach and Rosemary Beach) on 30-A, particularly Blue Tide Condos?

  454. Mike Singleton

    Henderson State Park looks to be very clear as of 3:15 on Monday 7/11.

  455. What is causing all the green algae or June grass at this time of year?? Isn’t this usual for July??

    • Perfectly normal, although this is definitely a bad year. I think it’s from the weird rainy winter we had.

  456. The beach at Panama City is disgusting. Haven’t gotten in the water at all… It looks like pea soup!!

  457. Are the pics submitted on the site somewhere? or just when you email them out? I couldn’t find them on the site.

    • Unfortunately there isn’t a way to upload them on the site so I have to do it all manually when folks email them to me. Lately I’ve been having issues downloading some files from my email. Your pics & updates are always most appreciated

  458. Anyone know about shell island or St. Andrews?

  459. Completely covering the beach here at Celadon Beach Resort. Water is murky brown, but, after walking through it, the water clears up. It’s a shame not to see a pristine beach.

  460. Carolyn Bowling

    Getting pretty bad in front of The Dunes of Panama and Hidden Dunes. So disappointing! We have been here twice before and have never seen anything like this 😦

  461. Lynley powell

    The water and beach in front of Tidewater is disgusting. The smell is awful, and the waves look like Pea Soup. However a little way down the beach on either side is clear.

  462. We are staying in Okaloosa island. There is a lot of June grass. We were really hoping for clear water. We are willing to drive to find it. Where is clear water right now within an hour from Okaloosa island? Thanks.

    • Angela B. Pag'an

      Where are you on Okaloosa?? We are coming down Saturday to stay at the Island Princess. Came in June last year so planned a later vacation this year hoping it would be over.

  463. Edgewater1101

    PCB depends on what 100-yard stretch of beach you are looking at. The algae is concentrated in swaths of beach, with stretches of clear water sometimes immediately adjacent to the slime. If you take a walk, you will see both. The bad news is it’s sludge in places, but the good news is you can find clear water within walking distance in most areas. It’s not bad at all in front of Edgewater, but it is disgusting in front of Holiday Inn. And 50 yards past Holiday Inn, it is crystal clear and we snorkeled and fished in that stretch today.

  464. Hello everyone, I am going to PCB on the 22nd of July, an I was just wondering if between now and then, if I could get some updates? Thank you all, have a wonderful day.

  465. I am looking at the water from the Tidewater balcony. It looks like guacamole near the sand. If you wade out a little, the water changes and looks normal.

  466. Anyone on Okaloosa island? How is the water and grass there?

  467. We are staying at Splash resort in PCB the June grass is worse today than it has been since we arrived Wednesday. It’s piled up on the beach!

  468. redheadedmandy

    We are at Emerald Beach resort PCB and the water is beautiful except for one small patch of June grass in the sand bar. Literally the condo next door looks like the picture below. Ours looks like a pool and theirs is green sludge…

  469. There is June grass in front of our condo. It seems to be concentrated in front of Seychelles & Schooners but looks fairly clear in front of Treasure Island & up the beach the other way.

  470. Well here’s a link if what it looks like outside my condo this morning at PCB at the Sunrise Beach Resort. Yesterday it was only thick in the left side of what you see but today you can see it’s all piled up in the beach. However it looks pretty good to the right and left of this bad area

  471. Got into PCB today and tried fishing from the beach. The grass is so bad we casted two poles and then spent 45 minutes cleaning the grass/moss off the line so we could real bait in.

  472. Thank you !!

  473. Arrived in PCB today. The water is really green and slimy looking in front of the Summit Resort! We have rented a boat to go to shell island on Wednesday. How is the water over there??? Don’t want to spend a whol day stuck on a boat bc of green slime!!!

  474. Jamey Vibbert

    We were in that area all this pay week, just left today and the water was so beautiful and crystal clear all week so I hope it stays that way for you.

  475. Test

    • What’s the water like in front of Edgewater Resort?? We are coming down next Thursday & are in so hope of beautiful clear water..

  476. Victoria's Daddy

    Panama City Beach report for 7/8/2016. On Friday at 1:00 PM visibility was anywhere from 10 inches to 2.5 feet. I did see one area 100 feet from shore where the water looked almost clear. Many fish in that area. Later in the day, about 6 or 7 pm, the June Grass was much worse. From shore to hundreds of feet out from shore, the June Grass was very thick with visibility ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches. I saw no fish.

  477. Luciano Gallo

    Going to Pensacola beach Florida how is the June grass there

  478. Melissa Arroyo

    We are staying at the breakers at Fort walton. Any reports?

  479. Any reports of June grass near carillon beach?

    • Left carillon yesterday. Was hit or miss last week. Some bad days some not so bad as far as the grass. Pretty nice sandbar near the shore though.

  480. Enjoy this site and thanks for your efforts. I may have missed the explanation for what causes the June grass to appear. Rain? Offshore storms? Heat? You tell us what it is but I missed an explanation as to what causes it to come close to the shoreline.

    • Victoria's Daddy

      A few sentences in the FAQ mention some causes. Nutrients get washed into the gulf, such as during a heavy rain, and the algae feeds on that and grows exponentially. The FAQ mentions wastewater treatment as well and how the algae keeps getting worse as more people come to the gulf.
      I’ll mention the following from what I know:
      A large percentage of municipalities across the country have substandard if not semi-broken down water treatment facilities and they don’t want to put the money into improving them. It’s likely the cities, around the gulf, consider the gulf as part of their sewage treatment plan and only partially treat their water and or release too much into bodies of water. They periodically flush the sewage (treated or not), to the Gulf of Mexico especially during heavy rain. This along with other water runoff feeds the algae.

  481. We head down next week just curious how the Water is at Okaloosa Island close to the pier?

  482. We are at Splash in PCB and the green algae is concentrated right in front of our condos as of today. Earlier this week it was clear here.

  483. How is the June grass in Navarre around emerald surf area? Arriving Saturday, plan to have a great time no matter what but still curious.

    • We didn’t even either bother today. After seeming to get better, it got worse again late yesterday. Drove to NAS in Pensacola instead of staring at green/brown water again all day. Swam some yesterday maybe a total of 30-45mins. I come for the water and have been greatly disheartened. I will not return to the area again during the summer. Have been chased off by grass 2 of last 3 trips. Hope you have better luck. We are staying about 1.5 mi west of the pier in Navarre Beach.

  484. How is Panama City Beach? Is the June grass bad there? we arrive Saturday July 9th…

  485. Waters in Destin have been great all week, but absolutely no June grass today. We are staying at Sterling Sands (very close to The Back Porch for reference) no rain all week couldn’t ask for a better beach week!

  486. June grass at Inlet beach is terrible today. Like sludge in the water and beaches are covered with it close to the water. The kids don’t even want in the water.

  487. The June grass is terrible today. We are staying at Celadon Beach Resort. People are getting in the water (although I wouldn’t) but just next door at Splash no one can because it is so thick the waves and sand are green. A couple resorts down (east) look to be quite clear. It shifts every day, throughout the day, so hope ours clears up before we leave Saturday.

  488. Arriving Saturday. Staying at Surfside condos on Miramar beach. How’s the June grass there? Thank out for all the updates!

  489. Jamey Vibbert

    Miramar is still June grass free and waters have calmed, it’s absolelutly perfect today.

  490. Seagrove Beach- June Grass everywhere and relatively thick and seemingly getting worse. We went to Shell Island yesterday in PCB (long trek but June Grass free and the way we remembered the coast).

  491. Headed to SGI this sunday the 10th has anyone been there recently to let us know how the water was?

  492. How’s the June grass situation just west of Alys Beach? Thanks for any updates! Coming down on Saturday.

  493. Victoria's Daddy

    Report for late afternoon Wed. 7/6/16 at PCB. The June Grass was worse than days ago. Water visibility was about 7 inches and that’s being generous.

    A large percentage of municipalities across the country have substandard water treatment facilities and they don’t want to put the money into improving them. It’s likely the cities around the gulf consider the gulf as part of their sewage treatment plan and only partially treat their water, periodically flushing the rest to the gulf to do the rest (eventually)

  494. **Update**Navarre Beach West of pier approx 1.5mi. Went into the water and it actually is much improved. Still cloudy and not the clear waters everyone loves, but grass is diminished. Little grass on the bottom if any. Water visibility improved. No signs of undesirable aquatic life otherwise. Definitely improved and hoping it continues.

  495. We are coming down 10-15 (next week) and I’ve been reading about the June grass but I’m trying to find out how long does it stick around and last? Would it possibly be gone by next week? Just curious of what to expect. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • It won’t be permanently gone until the fall but if you are lucky your beach will be clear or minimal depending on the nuances of tides and weather. Predictions are impossible.

  496. I’m visiting here in pcb from Georgia me and my 1 year old and 6 year old…. the water does have green stuff floating all in it I know there’s going to be seaweed but this is slimy. Is this safe? Is this the “June grass” everyone’s talking about??

    • Yup, June grass. The dangerous stuff is down in south Florida. For water quality issues check the Health &Safety tab for links.

  497. Still too much grass in the water approx 1.5 mi west of Navarre Beach pier. Not as thick as other places but to quote a kid I overheard “this water looks like where we swim in the Mississippi”. The rough surf has really churned the existing grass into soup.

  498. How’s the June Grass in PCB around Thomas Drive area?

  499. Anyone finding CLEAR swimming on Santa Rosa today?

  500. How’s The June grass today in grayton?

  501. June grass or thick algae soup seems to be a better description. Gross and disgusting. We were near Henderson Park in Destin.

  502. Jamey Vibbert

    Yes I traveled to Mexico beach last year to try an avoid the June grass , there was no grass there but the water wasn’t great, we won’t go back. Stick with Walton or So Wal . When the water is good it’s so much more clear than Mexico beach.

  503. Are there certain months that the June grass is worse?? Or places at the Gulf..? I

  504. Any reports from St. George Island or Cape San Blas?

    • We rarely get reports from there, although Jamey did a couple last year. I’m not even sure if they get June Grass over there

    • Just left SGI on the 3rd, no June grass or seaweed all week. Went to Cape San Blas for 1/2 the day on the 2nd and the water was beautiful.

  505. Minimal June grass in water at Tidewater today. 95% better than yesterday.

  506. Still have June grass at princess beach on okaloosa island. Not much but enough toessential with fishing lines.

  507. When does the June grass go away?

  508. June Grass substantial At Pensacola Beach…worse today than yesterday.

  509. Heading to Destin in August and I’m not concerned about the June Grass.Why not you ask?Simple jjust too many things to do at the beach,so dont let the June Grass reports spoil all your fun.Florida beach’s has many things to offer to all of us go enjoy your vacations and don’t sweat the things out of our control….

  510. At Blue Moutain late today. Grass moderate, but none on beach. Purple flag but not posted for that other stuff.

  511. We are at The Palms at Fort Walton Beach. It has been very slimy in the water. Today the slimy section seemed to recede as the day progressed.

  512. coming to PCB on the 5th what’s the situation with June grass?

  513. Jamey Vibbert

    The water at Miramar seemed to be getting better as the day went on, and you get go out to chest deep water and be totally free of June grass. We really enjoyed today and hoping the Fourth of July is even better!

    This report comes from Miramar Beach right at the Grand Dunes/ Winddancer area. It’s so great to see so many families enjoying the beach.

  514. In data rosa beach beach florida today and the Junegrass is thick!! I hope it leaves.

  515. Thin green Slime present in the morning at Blue Mountain beach. Disappears 20-30 yards out.

  516. Just got beck yesterday from a week at Navarre Beach. Beautiful water everyday. A small patch of Junegrass did show up on Saturday but nothing like the others pics being posted here. Good luck everyone and Happy 4th!

  517. Watersound water gross this a.m. Non one really swimming.

  518. We are heading to Okaloosa and the Island Princess soon. Checking this site daily. It would be great to read the name of the beach and not just the resort for those of us not familiar with area. So looking forward to this vacation and crossing my fingers for no Junegrass! Thank you for keeping the information coming!

    • I agree but I’m not sure all the beaches have names. I think resort or public access number and town are the most useful. I know the towns can be confusing so I put a map under the Health &Safety tab.

  519. Michelle Rainey

    We are on the beach near the city pier of Panama City Beach and the water is full of June grass.

  520. Victoria's Daddy

    A local resident told us they expect the June Grass to be clear within a week. It doesn’t seem like news or politicians want to forecast that so it must be true (Politicians don’t want to talk about it) My review of June Grass for Panama City Beach near highway 79 for July 2 2016: the surf was clearly green. The June Grass wasn’t to the point where one would not get in but picture taking by the water is clearly a turn off. The swimming pool had a lot of swimmers that would normally head to the surf. Yesterdays sunset was gorgeous.

    We saw at least 6 or 10 sea slugs washing up on the shore. Perhaps they were stressed or dying due to the June Grass issues in the water.

  521. Thick pea soup this morning in Seagrove!

  522. Thick yesterday in Seagrove Beach across from Tom Thumb. Looks pretty bad this a.m., too.

  523. Jamey Vibbert

    Grand dunes condos. Fingers crossed for Tomm.

  524. June grass was think and gross at pensacola yesterday. All gone today. Water was perfect.

  525. Just arrived at Greystone beach and the water is thick with green seaweed or June grass whichever you’d like to call it. It’s summer and vacations here we just got to deal with the grass as it is, here for the next six days hopefully it’ll clear out but looking at all the post it doesn’t look likely.

  526. Jamey Vibbert

    Ok just back from the beach at Miramar, June grass is an 8-10. Pretty gross , we got in anyway because you know… It’s the ocean and this is vaca but hoping for a better day Tomm. I’ll take my phone Tomm and send in pics.

  527. I have experienced June Grass many times lately and as I have been traveling to the gulf coast for vacation every summer my whole life, I realize it is a fairly new phenomenon. Today I read this about the beaches in South FL. I’m wondering if anyone knows if this may be a cause of the June Grass in the Gulf as well? Engineering changing the water that is going into the Gulf which is contaminating it? Just curious if anyone might know, because I have wondered what on earth is causing it lately!

  528. Marty Brandon

    Water at boardwalk resort is thick pea soup green nasty wasn’t lIke this yesterday July 1 2016 wondering if it will clear up ??

  529. Robert Wright

    Any news on the national seashore west of Navarre Beach?

  530. Henderson Beach anyone?? Heading there in a few days.

  531. Jamey Vibbert

    Just arrived at Miramar near Grand Dunes , going to fix a drink and go Ck the water. I’ll report back.

  532. Water looks nice by the Beachcomber. A bit of Junegrass when you go deeper but nothing like last week. Gorgeous!

  533. Can anyone give a report on the June grass conditions in Pensacola Beach west of the pier down to Ft Pickens? Any information would be great, Thanks.

  534. We just left Fort Walton Beach. We were there for 6 days and every morning the water was absolutely gorgeous. Crystal clear. By 2-3 pm June grass was about a 5-6 for remainder of day. Seas were just right and weather was perfect.


  535. Sterling Breeze all June grass bass cleared out 😎

  536. Coming down to PCB July1,2016. How are the Jelly Fish and the June Grass? Staying at the Moondrifter

  537. swimming daily

    yesterday, june 29, around 6pm near splash resort , there was intense june grass in the first 20 ft, but just a few feet out beyond that the water was crystal clear. also 86 degrees water temp. beautiful.

  538. Jamey Vibbert

    Leaving tonight for Miramar, just like every year its a crap shoot on the June Grass, fingers crossed it isn’t bad. I’ll bring a north wind with me and push it all back out! Watch out because I’m on my way! 🙂

  539. Heather E., I’ll be at Okaloosa on Saturday for the week and will let you know. Thai is if the beaches ate open!

    • Jessica