Why I created The June Grass Report:

I first encountered June Grass while SCUBA diving in Destin in 2006. I was curious about it and I spent a lot of time Googling “June Grass” without finding any useful information. I was especially interested in finding a way to know the condition of the June Grass before I hauled all of my (heavy SCUBA) gear down to the beach. Over the next five years I continued to search for such an index or forecast and still came up with little to no useful information.

In 2011 I decided to make my own June Grass Grossness Index. While I am at peace with June Grass as a natural phenomenon for this area, it still annoys me when I want to swim, it’s hot and humid, the yellow flies are biting, and I finally get to the beach to find that it has been taken over by Slime Monsters from the Deep.

I made up The Grossness Index based on my frequent observations and some photos I had of previous June Grass experiences. Presently The Grossness Index is quite subjective. The June Grass Working Group is working on a quantitative index, which I may adopt in the future, but for now The Grossness Index will give you an idea of what to expect when visiting the Emerald Coast (you can also see that the beautiful Caribbean water is not the only reason for this particular moniker).
Media & Feedback

I don’t talk with the media, for privacy (and because tourism interests probably do not appreciate this page as much as beach-goers), but media sources are welcome to use images with attribution. I do not monitor the Twitter and Facebook accounts for this page: they are completely automated to repost from here. I am happy to receive suggestions for improving the June Grass Report via comments on the Latest Reports pages. Enjoy the beach!

  1. Jason Janacek

    BTW, whats it like right now? And what about the middle of August? And also, how the heck do businesses stay in business with this stuff in the water all summer. Crazy.

  2. Jason Janacek

    My family and I drive all the way from McKinney TX to the Destin area, rent a house for the week, and intend to enjoy the water and the beach. The last 3 years have been a disaster. If you wanted to go into the water that is. If you just want to lay on the beach its fine. But best not go in thw water unless you want to spend 2 hours picking this nasty crap out of your hair, and every crevice you have! Im bald, but my girls and my wife all have long hair, it was miserable for them to say the least. Every business in the area will tell you “the water is great” only to see a sea of green funk in the water for an entire week. Thank you for putting up this sight. It may just save me thousands of dollars. I WILL NOT DRIVE ALL THE WAY 14 HOURS TO SWIM IN THAT CRAP EVER AGAIN.

  3. I want to let you know just how important this website is. I am a fanatical beach lover and so is my family. We spare no expense coming down from Illinois to spend our summer vacations in the Ft. Walton/Destin area. Last year we had our first encounter with serious June grass. It was awful. I simply don’t buy into the notion that “any day on the beach, even with June grass is a great day!” A day at the beach with heavy June grass is depressing. Hotels and city/county sources are completely unreliable as they are driven by profits. We kept getting told that the June grass we were experiencing would go away “tomorrow.” We were there a week and a half and it never left. It kept getting worse and worse.
    This is a report we can trust and to many of us it is important knowledge.
    Thank you

  4. This will be a helpful site since I will be heading down to the area July 15. Thanks for reporting and providing the updates!

  5. Hello – I really enjoy your updates. Do you think you’ll be making any updates soon? Thanks!

  6. Any prediction on the Junegrass in PCB 7/7/12-7/14/12. I appreciate the updates you put out there

  7. This is great. I will be telling everyone I know to take a look before heading down to the beach.

  8. Thank you for posting this website! I can’t tell you how many times I came across the bridge to fish, swim and board only to find all three nearly impossible because of June grass. Now I can jump on this website and make a quick determination if it’s worth it.


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