Avoid It!

Tips & Suggestions (no guarantees)

1. Don’t come to the beach from late May-October. Try a different part of Florida. If you MUST come then keep reading.

2. Check the wind direction before heading out. A north wind will sometimes push the June Grass off the beach a bit. A south wind will pile it up on the beach. Go out to the beach early. The wind tends to come from the north in the morning, although not always. The wind often shifts in the middle of the day and starts coming from the south. These are broad generalizations, this is FL: the weather is unpredictable and can change rapidly.

3. Avoid beaches that are near freshwater input such as those near the dune lakes, the bays, and any rivers. The freshwater just brings more “fertilizer” to the Gulf and feeds the June Grass. The barrier island beaches are usually June Grass-free the longest until the wind and tide eventually brings the grass.

4. All the years I’ve lived here the June Grass has come from the west. Try moving to a more eastern beach.

5. Alternately, the June Grass isn’t usually in any of the big bays, so you can try the bayside beaches. Also try the sound-side beaches on Okaloosa Island.

6. If the FL Panhandle or southeast Alabama has been experiencing heavy rainfall it will probably be a bad June Grass year because all the nutrients in the rivers ends up in the Gulf and “feeds” the June Grass.

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