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Please read the whole FAQ before posting questions and comments. Thanks!
The June Grass Report does NOT do predictions! Please scroll down for more information.

How does this site work?

This site depends on crowdsourcing. It works better when more people participate. You can use this site to get an idea of the conditions at the beach you plan to visit by reading the main posts or the comments on the pages under the Latest Reports menu (top of page). You can send reports and pictures of June Grass (or better yet, lovely clear water) to me and I will post them:

junegrasspics AT gmail DOT com

(I have to write the address that way because of spam bots)

People have started sending videos, which are very much appreciated.

How can I get emailed June Grass reports?

If you subscribe to the blog you will get the reports from the main page. If you subscribe to the comments on individual pages under the Latest Reports menu (top of page) you will get reports more often, if other beach users actually post updates.

Why isn’t there a current June Grass Report posted?

I write The June Grass Report blog as a hobby. I have a lot of other outdoor hobbies that don’t necessarily involve the beach. Plus, I work full time. I generally do not post reports on red flag days because I do not encourage anybody to go in the water on a red flag. I will try my best to make sure there will be at least one June Grass Update per week from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day.  During the off-season I may make occasional posts if I feel like it.

I left a comment about the June Grass at my beach. Why isn’t it posted yet?

I moderate all comments individually. I probably haven’t seen it yet but I usually get them all quite promptly. I do delete the ones that are rude or complaining, but most folks who read The June Grass report are nice, so hopefully that doesn’t apply to you.

Why don’t you ever reply to my comments on Facebook and/or Twitter?

I don’t actually use social media platforms because I don’t like them. I made June Grass Report accounts on Twitter and FB years ago and then linked them to the page. Every time I post a report on the main page it automatically reposts to FB and Twitter. I don’t actually monitor the Twitter & FB accounts (I don’t even remember the login info anymore!). So, if you want to interact with real people, either me or other beach-goers,  you should make a comment on one of the individual pages under the Latest Reports menu (top of page) or send an email to the address above. IMPORTANT NOTE: if you only look at the June Grass Report FB and Twitter pages you will not get the most up-to-date conditions and I won’t see any reports you make. You actually have to come to the main page for that.

Where do you make the June Grass reports from?

Previously I made observations from the main beach access in Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. It is the easiest beach for me to access regularly. Beginning in 2014 I established the POST BEACH CONDITIONS HERE page (converted to the Latest Reports menu in 2018), so readers could post updates themselves and I began taking reports from readers who emailed me photos. Now most of the reports come from site users.

Is this blog affiliated with any government agency or business?

No, it is not. I do it purely to amuse myself and others. That being said: the observations and opinions in this blog are my own and are intended for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for anything bad that may happen as a result of you using information from this blog. All subscriber contact information is 100% private and I will never share it. I am happy to provide the past and continuing observations from this site to anybody studying June grass, it’s all public data anyway. I don’t make any money from this site and the ads are a WordPress thing that I can’t remove without shelling out money myself.

Who takes the pictures?

I do, unless otherwise specified, and all rights are reserved on all images. Please contact me if you want to use something from this blog. In 2014 I started posting photos submitted by readers. By submitting photos readers agree to let me use them as I see fit but I always give them credit.

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