Grossness Index

Unfortunately I do not have photos of all levels of June Grass Grossness, but I will update this Index as I accumulate more.


  1. Any update on Panama City, specifically St Andrews State Park? We will be camping there this coming week

  2. My family and I were at the beach this afternoon and the June grass is terrible. It is definitely a 10. My kids still enjoyed swimming, but I was a little concerned with no visibility under water.

  3. Betty Monaghan

    I live on Okaloosa Island at the Surf Dweller. I can tell you that the June Grass is terrible and definitely rated as a 10 on your scale. There are mountains of June Grass all long the island. I have never seen it this bad.

    • Not what I wanted to hear, we came to Okaloosa Island a few years ago and the June Grass was a nuisance, but we still enjoyed the area. We are coming back on July 12th and was hoping for a clearer ocean, guess that won’t happen. Is there areas of Destin that we can go to and not deal with the grass?

  4. Will you be picking this back up this summer? We’re coming down next month and I’m hoping that the junegrass isn’t too bad. When we came in August last year, there were a few days that it was pretty bad.

  5. Love the website! Please ensure that the week of Labor Day will be June grass free!! Thanks!

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