Okaloosa Island

Christy P reports:

Hi, this is from today, 6/3, in front of Summer Place condos on Okaloosa Island. Crystal clear today!



Susanne reports:

Navarre Beach at the Kayak crossover was clear. Gulf was a bit churned up but other than that it was good. Lots of families taking advantage of the warm Gulf temperatures.

Okaloosa Island

Aaron B has graciously sent us an update:”11:18 am. Been nice clear water all morning, all along the beachfront for at least a 1/2 mile or more on either side of OK pier. Gross stuff is still here but is staying 50-100 yards offshore, making for pleasant swimming.

Okaloosa Island

Dennis K sent this update (obviously on a different beach than Aaron):”Looking good – only a very few small patches. Otherwise beautiful but rough (yellow flag & lots of warning from Beach Patrol) 11:00 am 05/30/19

Okaloosa Island

Aaron B reports:”Snotwater here on Okaloosa. Pics taken at 10 am today, near Hilton Garden Inn, about 1/2 mile west of OK pier.

Okaloosa Island

Jennifer H reports:”Things are looking pretty good today! A lot of sanding churning up in the water but not much June grass or sargassum.”

Just East of Pompano Joe’s

Anne sent us these pics:

Okaloosa Island Update

Jennifer H kindly sent us this update:”Conditions improving a bit at Okaloosa Island today. People are swimming and there are breaks in the thick June grass. This morning it was as thick as pea soup around 530-830 down the entire coast with no breaks.

Okaloosa Island

Jennifer H sent us these pics & report:

Some pics of junegrass on Okaloosa island from 5/28/19. I’d say 10 on grosenss scale but I’ve never witnessed junegrass before.

Okaloosa Island

Another pic from BBD:Junegrass is here. Welcome to summer