Grayton Beach State Park

A beach-goer reports: “Nice day at Grayton, quite a few people out on the Turtle Reef, I hope to check it out soon.”


Deer Lake State Park

Pensacola Beach

A beach-goer says: “Crystal clear water at Toilla Segunda Pensacola Beach today!

And sent us a video, which is always awesome and much appreciated:

Navarre Beach, FL – July 20, 2018, 2:30PM

A beach-goer says: “Water is perfect!!!”

Water’s Edge Condos, Santa Rosa Boulevard

A beach-goer reports: “Perfect today. No Junegrass. Has been great all week.

Orange Beach, AL

A beach-goer reports: “Great day at Perdido Beach Resort on Orange Beach. We have seen a couple Jelly fish, there were a lot of them yesterday (7/19). Clearest water we have seen all week has been today (7/20)!

Dune Allen

A beach-goer sent us this: “Gorgeous day today at Dune Allen”


Dune Allen

A beach goer-says: ” All clear at Dune Allen”

Perdido Key

A beach-goer sent us these pics from the beach at Needle Rush Point:

Miramar Beach

Jamey reports: ”

It’s been a pleasure reporting this week as the only thing I have had to report is crystal clear water, great weather and no jellies! It has been a superb week and I hope it continues.
Sadly it’s time for my family and I to head back to Indiana….I miss my puppies and I have this annoying thing called a job that I have to get back to 🙂
I’m going to spend the last hour of my beach time today picking up trash that has been carelessly left by other people, enjoy the beach responsibly and as always