Okaloosa Island

Standarla reports:

We’re sampling JG for Laura T.’s project.
Quick scoop at Emerald Promenade beach access on Okaloosa Island:

Grossness index = 4 of 10


More Changes Due to Glitches

I had to take down the Post Beach Conditions HERE page because the huge number of comments was bogging down browsers and mobile devices.

I replaced it with three locations pages to make it easier to both report and find out conditions for specific locations, instead of scrolling through all the comments.

If you posted conditions, or asked for an update, during the last couple of days your post was sacrificed, sorry. Please go repost it under the location you are interested in. You will also have to resubscribe to comments if that’s how you get June Grass reports, but now they will just be for your location of interest.

However, now you should find browsing The June Grass Report to be a much more streamlined experience, and you should easily be able to post updates from your phone while you’re at the beach.

Thanks for your support and cooperation!


I made a few changes to the menu so that you can now check the status of your favorite beach without having to comb through all the comments. This will also make it less annoying if you subscribe to comments, because you will only get email updates from your specific area of interest.

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Grayton Beach

Jimmy reports: “Thanks for maintaining the site. It’s helpful.
I tried to post from the beach but my phone kept locking up on the website so here’s the report from Grayton Bch.

The June Grass is about a 4-5/10 in Grayton Bch. Not so thick that it’s in your pockets when you exit the water, but too much to fool with trying to fish a casting spoon through.

Beasley Park Okaloosa Island 6/17/18

Butch (one of our long-time readers who often makes reports, which we really appreciate) says:

6/17/18 Sunday
Very little June Grass but water was rough. Red Flag

Orange Beach, Alabama

Somebody sent this report:
This is in front of the Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach Alabama. Taken on the evening of June 16th. The smell was atrocious and there is no way someone would want to get near the water.

Another from Orange Beach

Sheila (not sure if it’s the same one? we appreciate it anyway) sent this screenshot from FB:


That is pretty epic amounts of June grass!

Orange Beach, Alabama

Sheila reports: “Here is a pic and a video of the june grass at Orange Beach in front of Harbor Place condos. It was alot worse than this the day before but I couldn’t get a picture.

We really appreciate the video, thanks Sheila!

Grayton Beach

Laura reports:”Pictures taken at Grayton Beach State Park
06/09/18 – 3:00 pm
30 19’27” N 86 9’19″W
Appeared to be low tide, brisk breeze. Several patches of mixed brown seaweed and June grass, with small scattered pieces of June grass present in shallow water, but less so out from shore. I’d give it a 1-2. Had to scoop three times to capture a piece of June grass shown in picture.

Me again: these pics show the DIY Soda Bottle Sampler for the June Grass Working Group

Opal Beach 6/9/18

faamechanic reports: “Water at opal beach today 6/09 clear with just the occasional June grass particle. Scale would be a 1 or less! None on the beach. Waves are calm …mosquitoes are a bit bothersome so bring insect repellent