Navarre, Pensacola, Alabama & Points West

This is a place for beach visitors to check beach conditions and post their personal observations of the latest beach conditions. When beach visitors post in the comments section below it improves the June Grass Report by vastly expanding the number of beaches that can be covered daily. Beach visitors who want to include pictures with their reports should email them to junegrasspics AT gmail DOT com, for posting on the main page. Please note that reports made on this page will not appear on the automated FB or Twitter feeds. You must subscribe to comments to get email updates from this page.

Beach report guidelines:

1.) Please include the following information: location, your estimation of the Grossness Index level, time of day, wind direction, tide, critters observed, water temp, weather, etc.

2.) The June Grass Report does NOT do predictions. However, you may politely ask our residents and long-term readers for updates or opinions.

3.) Please know the difference between seaweed and June Grass before posting an update. If you don’t know please email pics of the suspect marine flora to the address above. It would be helpful for us to have example pics of both seaweed and June Grass.

4.) Updates and comments are appreciated. Complaints are not. Keep it civil. I do this for free because I feel like it. I individually moderate ALL comments and I delete the rude/abusive ones. Also, I will not approve updates that are not for the locations listed in the title of this page because I am trying to make it easier for visitors to find information about specific beaches/locations. Please don’t post the same comment repeatedly: I will moderate it soon.

  1. Carrie Tournillon

    We are arriving at Pensacola beach on 9/2 for Labor Day weekend. I would appreciate any update on June grass / water condition. Thanks!

  2. We are arriving at Navarre Beach on the 13th, do you think the June Grass will be gone by then? How long does it normally stay around?

  3. We will be arriving at Navarre on the 13th and was curious if the June grass was clearing up?

  4. Wife is in Pensacola reports, June Grass is about a 6-7 today, very thick is areas.

  5. Hows the June grass now? We will be there monday.

    • It’s here now in Navarre. Started yesterday after some storms came through. Nuisance – still having fun. Just a bit more clean up required!

  6. How’s the June grass right now? We head to Navarre this weekend!

  7. We will be in Navarre next week, any update on June grass levels

  8. Just walked on Pensacola beach. And the sea grass level was around 7, if not higher.

    Yesterday it was probably at 8 or 9. Took us 30 minutes to wash out all the sea grass after being in the ocean

    • Christopher G King

      Navarre was an 8 today. Yesterday and last nights beach deposit was a half inch thick near the pier. It was gross. Very excessive

  9. Opal beach, July 13th, 2021, 5pm-7:30pm. June grass was an 8.

  10. Layne Landrum

    Hello, heading to Navarre beach next week & wondering if anyone has seen/experienced any June grass yet. TIA.

  11. Signing up for updates, will be on Navarre Beach this July. Thanks !!

  12. Wondering same thing. We will be there Thurs- Monday.

  13. Kathy Prihoda Beshirs

    Heading to west end of Navarre Beach and Opal Beach at end of this week. Any updates on the June Grass or other issues? I’m guessing these storms may change things though.

  14. How is June grass at Pensacola Beach ? Heading there at end of week. Thanks!

    • I’m in Orange Beach now and it was awful today. The beach smelled when I got close to the water and once in the water the “grass” was everywhere. Pretty gross and I’m wondering if it’s any better anywhere else, so I can have a much more pleasant beach day while I’m down here.

  15. Hi. Any update for this week? We are thinking of driving down this weekend and stay all next week.

  16. Just left Navarre on 7/4/2020. June grass was bad all week. Grossness of an 8. Yuk! Worse in afternoons as wind picked up. We went to Henderson State Park 2 days and it was beautiful. No grass in sight there!

  17. June 18. Beach at Portofino complex. Light south wind this AM, calm surf. Grass was minimal and water visibility was excellent. Now almost 5:00 pm., wind and surf have picked up. Still a south wind, but blowing more. Tide is rising and grass is now much thicker. Went from a grossness of 1 earlier today to a grossness of at least 5.

  18. There is alot of June grass at pensacola beach today. People are in the water but it’s pretty gross. About a 5-6 on the scale.

  19. Heidi cotton

    Came home to Pensacola Beach today. From the condo I can see June grass washed up in the beach and from pictures I saw posted on social media it goes at least from dog park west to the pier. It’s pretty high on the gross meter. Will send pictures later, if I even walk out to beach. It’s pretty bad.

  20. We have had june grass for the last several trips to FWB in June. We are curious if Navarre or Orange Beach typically have June grass. We are thinking about changing our location. thanks.

  21. Any updates from Perdido Key?

  22. Navarre Beach is perfect. No seaweed or June grass at all

  23. Any updates on Navarre beach….half mile on either side of the pier?

  24. Randy Friddle

    Navarre was clean the week of the 4th.

  25. Heading to Perdido beach for the 4th!! Any updates on the water conditions?

  26. We are staying at Okaloosa Island. Water has been full of sea grass since we’ve been here (June 12, 2019) . We drove down to Navarre on Friday- no sea grass!! Hanging at Navarre the rest of trip!

  27. shirley snowberger

    Does anyone have a june grass report for orange beach as of yesterday or today June 8 2019?
    Coming down in a week…

  28. Just walked at Navarre Beach at the Kayak ramp & no June grass to be reported. Water was a little murky but that was it.

  29. Robert Murrah

    June grass is in full effect, in Fort Walton Beach. Been here since Tuesday, the 21st. Today is the 23rd. It’s is bad today. Went bodysurfing this morning. Took a half hour to get that crap out of my hair. I was here this time last year and it was not bad at all. We stopped going to Panama City Beach, because the June grass is always bad there. Guess I’ll have to find another place next year.

    • Robert could you please repost this under the Okaloosa/Walton section? It’s a great report so I don’t want to delete it, it’s just in the wrong section. Thanks!

  30. Looking at the Navarre Beach HD Live webcam today… I know it’s early in the season but the June Grass appears to be in full attack. At least it looks like June Grass on the webcam. The water is churned up and you can see large patches of reddish-greenish gunk in the water.

    • Probably not JG if it’s red, but thanks for the tip-off. We may get a local ro report in

  31. We are looking to travel to Pensacola Beach June 20-30, 2019. We traveled to Destin June 2017 & had 2 days with June grass which was easily avoided by moving to another beach. What can I expect going late June 2019? If there is a day of June grass is it something that can be avoided by moving to another beach as we did in Destin?

  32. Did the Tropical Storm churn up the gulf and bring in june grass? Things look murky on the Navarre Beach webcam. Coming to visit first week in October. Had the post tropical storm june grass ruin a vacation 2 years ago. Hoping to avoid it this time.

  33. South east swells today at Johnsons Beach Grass thick.

  34. any new reports on perdido key ?

  35. Went to Johnsons Beach yday.. Grass lite in the morning ,then got heavier as day progressed.

    • Yuck. Hate to hear that. Have been watching it (or something) come ashore on the Navarre Beach webcam yesterday and today. I know that’s a ways away from Perdido, but disheartening all the same.

  36. Heading to Perdido Key this weekend . . . I have not seen much action on this site as of late, and I assume that no news is good news.

    Anyone been to Perdido lately to confirm all is well?


  37. Just arrived at Pensacola Beach. Water clear with very little June grass

  38. Opal beach 11:12am. Winds moderate from saw. Surf about 1 foot. Yellow flags out. Large pockets of brown June grass near shore. Grossness index going thru pockets a 9 of 10. If you can find pockets of clear it’s a 4-5 of 10. Yuck!

  39. GREAT day at Dauphin Island 2-3 foot swells no rain which considering the past couple of days was awesome!! Best of all ZERO June Grass!!! Wish the waves were a little flatter but all in all an EXCELLENT day! Gonna try it again there tomorrow.

    • Nice…glad you were able to enjoy at least one day june grass free and no rain. We have been having a lot of liquid sunshine here this week!

  40. Any updates on Perdido Key?

    • This is probably too late to report, but we were at Perdido Key last Thursday. Surf was 2-3 ft with purple and gold flags flying. Saw multiple jellies on the sand.

  41. Opal Beach.. 10:30 am. What winds light from south. June grass a 2 on the grossness index. Small pockets floating by, none accumulating on beach. Water is still clear. Surf less than 1ft.

  42. I’ve been watching the reports over the last week or so, and was wondering how things were looking around Gulf Shores. We are going to be there next week and are really hoping for good water since last year was a cross between June Grass and Sargassum depending on where we were. I imagine we will go from Dauphin Island all the way to Pensacola, but primarily GS. comments? suggestions?

    • Ill be going to Opal Beach tomorrow, which is about 12 miles or so east of Gulf Shores (I could be wrong as I have never measured it)… I will report tomorrow and should give you a good idea. Although as we know with June Grass it could be pea soup thick where you are…go 2 miles away and be clear…

    • Awesome Claude thank you. Yes I know that’s the way June grass operates. I don’t mind hunting water, my wife on the other hand…….I’ll be looking forward to your report.

  43. Does anyone have an update on Pensacola?

  44. Opal beach at 10:30am. Light winds from nnw. Wa Small clumps of June grass, light smell. grossness index at 2. Enough to color the water but you can still see bottom.

  45. Perdido Key at Needle Rush Point, 7/14/18, 10:00am. Clear water. Lots of small fish swimming around to entertain the kids. June grass 0-1 on the grossness scale. Winds calm. Better today than yesterday.

  46. Been in navarre since Saturday 7/7. Perfect conditions.

  47. Not there in person, but just heard from relations who are @ Perdido this week. Very little grass in the water and none on the beach as of morning of 7/10/18.

  48. Anyone have an update on Perdido?

  49. Christine Reynolds

    Navarre beach is beautiful! 0 on the index. Water crystal clear. Yesterday was 1-2 with some rough waves but today is just gorgeous. Couldn’t ask for better!

  50. Pensacola Beach was 3-4 at 8 am 7/8/18 and further down on a Fort Pickens beach was a 7.

  51. Beautiful sat. Just east of Opal beach. About 80-90% clear. Islands of June grass float by about 20 yards offshore. Light winds from sse… green flag day. Some dead junegrass at bottom in clumpsbut easy to avoid.

  52. Shylettera Davis

    Pensacola Beach. July 6th in the afternoon. Gross index 3-4. Some neon green algae washed up on the shore. There was no escaping it meaning I could feel it at all times while in the water. Saw a few very small tentacle free jellies.

  53. 7/7/18
    Romar Beach, Orange Beach, AL
    June grass level = 0
    Partly cloudy, winds SSE at 10kts
    Water as clear as OBA gets.
    Grass pushed out last week with storms that came through.
    Pic emailed.

  54. Navarre Beach: June Grass is turning brown with some Sargassum mixed in.

  55. 11am near opal beach. Winds light from sse, surf fairly calm. June grass is at a 6-7 on the gross scale. You can see bottom now and then as icebergs of June grass drift by. But very smelly. Won’t be here long.

  56. Went to Opal beach on 6/27/18 and there was heavy June grass.

  57. Navarre Beach & East has lots of June Grass. Shelling is good though.

  58. Is finding clear water at the end of July a crap shoot or can it be found? We are looking to go to Orange Beach at the end of next month, but may decide to go to South Texas if we have better opportunity of finding clear water. Last year we were on Dauphin Island/Orange Beach and June Grass wasn’t bad. Just wanted to get input if I could?

  59. Edit the above should read “While it was NOT clumping in massive amounts at the tide line…”

  60. Was at Opal beach 6/24 between 10am – 2:30pm. Waves were pretty calm at about 2 ft. Sunny day….almost a great beach day. The June Grass at Opal Beach was about a 6 on the grossness scale. Water looked like pea soup. While it was clumping in massive amounts at the tide line, there was enough in the water to fill your pockets and get in “nooks and crannies”
    BTW… Site admin…would have report this live yesterday but since the site change I cant seem to post from my iPhone…the comments boxes don’t appear for me to type into??

    • Thanks for being the 1st to post on the new Points West section! I’ll look into the iphone issue but I’m thinking it’s a software issue, which is beyond my control. I’ll let you know what I find out.

    • Ok, had a friend with an iphone check: comment box works for them. Are you still having the problem?

    • Nope seems to be working now…very odd. Thanks for checking!

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