PCB, Bay County & Points East

This is a place for beach visitors to check beach conditions and post their personal observations of the latest beach conditions. When beach visitors post in the comments section below it improves the June Grass Report by vastly expanding the number of beaches that can be covered daily. Beach visitors who want to include pictures with their reports should email them to junegrasspics AT gmail DOT com, for posting on the main page. Please note that reports made on this page will not appear on the automated FB or Twitter feeds. You must subscribe to comments to get email updates from this page.

Beach report guidelines:

1.) Please include the following information: location, your estimation of the Grossness Index level, time of day, wind direction, tide, critters observed, water temp, weather, etc.

2.) The June Grass Report does NOT do predictions. However, you may politely ask our residents and long-term readers for updates or opinions.

3.) Please know the difference between seaweed and June Grass before posting an update. If you don’t know please email pics of the suspect marine flora to the address above. It would be helpful for us to have example pics of both seaweed and June Grass.

4.) Updates and comments are appreciated. Complaints are not. Keep it civil. I do this for free because I feel like it. I individually moderate ALL comments and I delete the rude/abusive ones. Also, I will not approve updates that are not for the locations listed in the title of this page because I am trying to make it easier for visitors to find information about specific beaches/locations. Please don’t post the same comment repeatedly: I will moderate it soon.


  1. Any updates for the PCB area? I know saragassum is prevalent in areas, but wondering about the June Grass. Thanks!!

    • I’m at the osprey. The June grass has been bad the last three days. I went swimming and was covered in it. First time I have ever seen it. I can’t even surf fish. It’s July the 11th.

  2. Any June grass in pcb now.

  3. Camp Helen State Park on June 18 was gorgeous. Gross factor = 0. Not a wisp of June Grass in sight. This is usually not a good beach for shelling but we found a shark tooth and a 2” sand dollar today. It’s a 7/10 mile round trip slog from the parking lot to the beach, and over half of the distance is deep soft sand. Probably why this park is less-visited and less-crowded. A good place to escape the June Grass in Navarre and Okaloosa Island, where we usually go.

  4. Any reports of June grass in PCB currently?

  5. I am hoping the lack of comments here means the June Grass has been minimal in PCB? We are leaving to go down Aug 3rd. Any reports?

    • Reports from PCB tend to be more sparse

    • Sharolyn Richardson

      We arrived on Aug. 4th and it was clear until Wednesday when the June grass was back with a vengeance. Just walked the beach in back of Pineapple Willy’s and it looks a bit better, but still here.

  6. On the West end of PCB and the June grass seems to be thriving and hanging around.

  7. Noelle Robinson

    We are in PCB/Laguna Beach (2.5 mi west of Pier Park) and there is definitely June grass here. The water is greenish brown. We always come down this time of year and have been fortunate to avoid it for the last few years, but probably all the rain has caused fertilizer runoff.

  8. any report for june grass in Panama City Beach?

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