Okaloosa Island, Destin & Walton County

This is a place for beach visitors to check beach conditions and post their personal observations of the latest beach conditions. When beach visitors post in the comments section below it improves the June Grass Report by vastly expanding the number of beaches that can be covered daily. Beach visitors who want to include pictures with their reports should email them to junegrasspics AT gmail DOT com, for posting on the main page. Please note that reports made on this page will not appear on the automated FB or Twitter feeds. You must subscribe to comments to get email updates from this page.

Beach report guidelines:

1.) Please include the following information: location, your estimation of the Grossness Index level, time of day, wind direction, tide, critters observed, water temp, weather, etc.

2.) The June Grass Report does NOT do predictions. However, you may politely ask our residents and long-term readers for updates or opinions.

3.) Please know the difference between seaweed and June Grass before posting an update. If you don’t know please email pics of the suspect marine flora to the address above. It would be helpful for us to have example pics of both seaweed and June Grass.

4.) Updates and comments are appreciated. Complaints are not. Keep it civil. I do this for free because I feel like it. I individually moderate ALL comments and I delete the rude/abusive ones. Also, I will not approve updates that are not for the locations listed in the title of this page because I am trying to make it easier for visitors to find information about specific beaches/locations. Please don’t post the same comment repeatedly: I will moderate it soon.

  1. June Grass in full force at Miramar Beach. Tried fishing this AM. 1 cast and I was done.

  2. Oakaloosa island 😢 water was full of junegrass this afternoon, the water is moving it pretty fast so maybe it will be gone soon

    • Anybody down on Okaloosa Island feel like getting a sample for the June Grass Working Group?

  3. Okaloosa Island has a little green coming ashore this afternoon.

  4. Any JG reports/sightings for Destin or Okaloosa Island yet? I know it’s been a pretty rainy spring, but it hasn’t been warm for an extended period of time yet so I was wondering if that might stave it off for a bit?

  5. Can I get June grass updates for ft Walton Beach. We will be there September 20th. Have been there in July the past 3 years and it’s been awful.

  6. We are staying at the Waterscape in Fort Walton beach soon. Any current updates? Praying for clearer water this year. We went last year and the June Grass was pretty awful.

    • We stayed at the Fairfield Inn Ft Walton last weekend and two weekends before that. Junegrass and beds of what I think is brown seagrass have been in the water. We stayed here over memorial day weekend and the water was beautiful then.

      My buddy who owns a condo in Miramar Beach said it was pretty clear over there about three weeks ago.

  7. We’re heading down there soon. Looking to get the updates by email. I stopped receiving them after the page update.

    • Please go fill out the form again on the page for the location you desire updates on. I can’t do anything about that manually

  8. I will be at Marimar Beach on August 15, 2018 any signs of June grass?

  9. Barbara Barrett

    Okaloosa island – waterscape – June grass came in today – a 2 but by late afternoon a 3as more moved in

  10. Barbara Barrett

    Okaloosa Island – in front of waterscape – water perfect – absolutely clear and beautiful

  11. I no longer get email alerts since yo changed the page to specific areas (beaches). I am not getting any notifications and can’t seem to get signed up again. How do I get posts for Destin? The instructions are not helping.

    • Send an email to junegrasspics AT G MAIL DOT COM from the address where you’d like to get alerts. I’ll try to sign you up manually or send you better instructions

    • Also posting for Destin has really slowed down. I think it’s a combo of bad weather, red flags, late in the season, etc.

    • I would say the same for Navarre… not getting notifications anymore. Do you have to click the box at the bottom everytime for “Notify me of new posts via email”? Used to get notification anytime anyone posted a new comment…

      Figured the slowing down in posst may be late season, june grass pretty bad the last few weeks, and weather .

    • No, I don’t think you have to click it every time. Maybe there’s a bug? Have you clicked it since I changed the format? Please let me know so I can try to fix it

  12. We’re headed to Fort Walton Beach this weekend. How is the water? We were there only two weeks ago and there was a ton of june grass at that time.

  13. Heading to Destin. How is the water?

    • What part of Destin? There are alot of beaches in the area, and June grass can affect 1, 2 or all of them.
      There are several beach cams in the area as well depending on what part you are going to.

    • It’s been raining all week with red & double red flags. Overcast today

    • You can also text FLAG to 31279 for current beach conditions in South Walton.

    • We are just east of Henderson Beach

  14. Left Okaloosa and spent the day at Henderson State Park. The water was clear and beautiful!

  15. Alissa Calsetta

    Okaloosa is an 8. We are packing up and heading East. What is it like in Destin and parts that way??

  16. Can anyone report on conditions around Watersound & Rosemary Beach? – Thx

  17. Just got here on oakaloosa island, water is brackish and sea-slugs are all over the beach

  18. Got in this evening to Miramar beach, clear, no signs of any grass. Cast a spoon for about 45 minutes with no grass on the lure or hooks.

  19. We’ve been staying on Okaloosa Island since 7/25, water has been calm, clear and essentially no June grass in the mornings. Water has gotten a little choppy and up to grossness index of about 2.5-3 in the afternoons.

  20. Anybody got a recent report? Thanks!

    • We are driving to beach and I’m checking out all the beach cams, water looks clear and calm…

  21. Okaloosa Island was very nice today. No june grass. Unless someone reports every morning, june grass report is kind of like traffic – unpredictable and can change at any time any place. I still have to go check for myself…

  22. Can anyone report the June Grass situation in Seagrove, Seaside or anywhere along 30A??
    Arriving tomorrow!

    • Clear water at Miramar Beach and Henderson Beach State Park 7/5/18. A little bit of June Grass at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island, about a 1-2.

  23. Clear water at okaloosa in front of the holiday in .

    • terri wohner

      My family is staying at destin West July 21 thru July 27. Would love to hear reports daily of June grass if possible! Thank you! Last year was really bad but we love
      the condo & all the pools & Boardwalk that is nearby so we come back regardless of water but still very interested to hear update! 😊

  24. Jack Jr Johnson

    Seagrove Beach is socked in. 5-7 on the index

    • Oh no. Staying in Seagrove 7/7-7/14. How long has it been like this? 5-7 index is not good news!:-/

  25. Anyone on oakaloosa island around the Nautilus? How’s the water looking? Thanks

  26. Water fairly clear. Just a few bits of grass in front of Emerald Isle Condos & Beach Access 5, FWB

  27. How is the June Grass factor near the Best Western Fort Walton Beach? And thank you for any updates.

  28. Last two days crystal clear in minimar beach. Big waves and undertow yesterday

    • Jamey Vibbert

      Thats great news! I will be rolling in next Friday, we have had so so years at Miramar but it seems that stretch of beach seems to escape alot of the grass, I’m hoping thats the case this year as well.

  29. Will be in Seagrove Beach 7/7 – 7/14. Hoping June
    Grass decides not to crash our vacation that week!

  30. Rachel Atkinson

    Does anyone know what the water is like close to Crystal Sands in Destin? Any June grass?

  31. We will be coming to Fort Walton July 14th. I am really hoping this clears up. Saw some pictures today on Instagram from a family member that’s down there this week and I’ve never seen it so bad. It’s even piling up on the beach! How long does this typically take to clear up?

    • Varies. It has definitely been that bad before

    • Was down there about 3-4 years ago on the 4th of July and it was so bad the water would not push it. I have also been down there (Okaloosa) and have grass when we got there and by the end of the week it be nice . Still my favorite place on the panhandle.

  32. Anybody have report on Okaloosa island beaches near the Holiday inn resort?

    • We just got home from that area yesterday. It was terrible. My husbands bathing suit pockets were filled with softball size globs within 5 minutes. It was so thick that there were dead fish all over the beach. Hopefully it will clear up soon.

  33. Is Ft. Walton Beach around the Marriott clear today?

  34. Will be in Destin on the 30th of June hope we don’t see this

  35. Ft Walton beach is a 7 of 10 today. its really starting to pile up on the beach where we are staying. Not enjoyable at all.

  36. Any reports for Walton County today?

  37. Jack Jr Johnson

    The Seagrove Beach skycam shows CLEAR and CALM. T-minus 19…..

  38. Santa Rosa Beach is nice today. Not much June Grass at all. I would rate it a 1 at the most. Water is much calmer than yesterday as well. Yellow flags flying. A Monday at the beach is better than any other Monday.

  39. Heading to Inlet Beach today. Any reports on the water?

  40. Jamey Vibbert

    Thank you so much for not only keeping this going but also for making changes and improvements. I’m a Miramar Beach guy myself, that is usually where we visit each year, I will be in town July 6th and will hopefully have clear water, I will post reports once I arrive.

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