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Okaloosa Island

Dennis K sent this update (obviously on a different beach than Aaron):”Looking good – only a very few small patches. Otherwise beautiful but rough (yellow flag & lots of warning from Beach Patrol) 11:00 am 05/30/19

Okaloosa Island

Aaron B reports:”Snotwater here on Okaloosa. Pics taken at 10 am today, near Hilton Garden Inn, about 1/2 mile west of OK pier.

Okaloosa Island

Jennifer H reports:”Things are looking pretty good today! A lot of sanding churning up in the water but not much June grass or sargassum.”

Just East of Pompano Joe’s

Anne sent us these pics:


Ginger reports:

We were at Pensacola over memorial weekend and there was no June grass yet. The waves were rough making the water appear darker but it was very clear!

Okaloosa Island Update

Jennifer H kindly sent us this update:”Conditions improving a bit at Okaloosa Island today. People are swimming and there are breaks in the thick June grass. This morning it was as thick as pea soup around 530-830 down the entire coast with no breaks.

Okaloosa Island

Jennifer H sent us these pics & report:

Some pics of junegrass on Okaloosa island from 5/28/19. I’d say 10 on grosenss scale but I’ve never witnessed junegrass before.

Okaloosa Island

Another pic from BBD:Junegrass is here. Welcome to summer

Okaloosa Island

Butch (another super commentor): reports:

Okaloosa Island between beach access 2-4. Small amount of June grass in water. Visibility in water is still 1-2 feet

Me again: Seems to be some sargassum on the beach

Miramar Beach 5/14/19

Jamey’s (our super-commentor) daughter thoughtfully sent us this early season pic: