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Johnson Beach National Seashore Perdido Key, FL

No June grass yet. The water is a little murky from recent storms and I’d guess the temperature was 70-72F. Yellow flag at this time. Some fog just offshore. Quite a few people surf fishing and lots of interesting shorebirds! It is starting to be shorebird nesting season so please be mindful, even though the nesting areas aren’t roped off yet.

Johnson Beach National Seashore Perdido Key, FL

The water is fairly flat this morning and flags are yellow. The temperature is probably low 70s F, but the water is still a bit murky from recent storms. A few people were surf fishing. No June grass or sargassum.

Johnson Beach Gulf Islands National Seashore Perdido Key, FL

No June grass obviously, water is still a little murky.

Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach FL

No June grass! LOTS of people were enjoying fishing at Fort Pickens today! They bay side was quite murky and gross, probably due to the recent rain. There was quite a lot of trash on the beach, including some mystery offal. The water was more clear on the gulf side. There were a few bait balls in evidence. Flags were yellow this morning. In addition to the anglers, there were a group of divers and several beachcombers. Shelling was quite decent today! Most of the parking spots near the fishing pier and visitor center were full by 8am, so tourist season is picking up.

Johnson Beach Gulf Islands National Seashore, Perdido Key FL

No June grass but the water is murky. The surf has been high and rough lately, so this isn’t surprising. The lagoon side of the seashore has fairly clear water. Look for more updates from Perdido Key and Orange Beach in the future!

Perdido Key

Perdido Key Public Access #3 is clear of June grass, but today is definitely not a day to swim. Happy Thanksgiving!

Johnson Beach Gulf Islands National Seashore, Perdido Key FL

0.5. Isolated patches of very decayed June Grass, but otherwise clear. Lots of people fishing and catching pompano. Not many shells on the main beach. Fairly windy from the southeast

Perdido Key State Park

Perdido Key SP is clear! Lots of shells & a bit windy today.

Pics Mediterranea Mirmar Beach 6.29.2022

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Calypso Resort in PCB

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