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A little reFRESHment…

Hello beach people! I am trying to spread the word about our sister site: Clear Springs FL. It works the same way as the June Grass Report, but lets SCUBA divers, swimmers, boaters and other spring lovers know about the conditions of springs before they visit. So far it’s just Panhandle springs but hopefully spring lovers all over FL will report in. If you know anybody who loves springs please pass the URL onto them. Please come check out the springs if you’re tired of the beach (ok not today, because of the rain)! Thanks!


Okaloosa Island 5/15/18

Monica and Rey sent us this yesterday:

All clear on Okaloosa Island today. Been here since 5/11 and it’s been beautiful!

Beasley Park, Okaloosa Island 5/9/18

Butch says: “All clear on Okaloosa island Beasley Park 5/9/18

Thanks Butch, we appreciate the insight our long-term readers can give!

Watch This Space for SCIENCE!

The June Grass report is very excited to assist the newly-formed June Grass Working Group! The June Grass Working Group is beginning a study to learn more about June Grass algal blooms. The June Grass Report is providing all previous observations of June Grass to the June Grass Working Group for analysis (they’re public anyway). Your observations are already helping but if you would like to be more actively involved in this research please visit the project webpage.

Web Cams

Could regular users please tell me which of the web cam links are consistently no longer good and please give me the URLs for ones not listed? Thanks! I want to do a few updates on the page before the June Grass comes in.

Henderson Park Inn-Sept 5, 2017 at 3:00PM

Steve sent us the very first video update ever submitted to the June Grass Report!

This is great! I would love to have more video June Grass Reports. Thanks Steve!

Rip Currents, High Surf Along the Coast

Surf’s Up Bay/Walton Line

From Walter:

Reporting in from near Bay/Walton county line a mile east of Pinnacle Port Condos:  Rambunctious surf, stiff SE breeze, intermittent breaks in clouds.  No rain so far this morning.  On our morning beach walk, we saw random dead brown seaweed leaves washed up, but won’t be bothersome once the surf settles enough to go into the water.  We saw a few pieces of busted up jellies that had washed up.

Air temp about 80, humidity quite high.  Breeze should be plenty enough to keep biting flies at bay.


Bay/Walton Line

Walter reports: Near perfect water at Panama City Beach, about a mile east of Bay/Walton County line at The Shores condos.  At 3 PM CDT, water warm, gentle surf, air temp mid to high 80s.  Mostly cloudy, light breeze.  On our way in, we stopped at Okaloosa Island Boardwalk, and saw no appreciable June Grass near the pier.  Surf was rather lively, though.

I say: the calm before the storm…

Henderson park today. Crystal clear

From Butch: