Miramar Beach

Jamey reports: ”

Another stellar day in the forecast for Miramar.
It seems the June grass has been much less severe this year in all the usual locations, yes there has been some in places but I have seen years where it comes in and at times never leaves!


Seagrove Beach, 30A

A beach-goer reports: “Beautiful and clear today (7/12)!

Navarre Beach

A beach-goer reports: “Yay! Green Flag flying, what a beautiful beach day! This is why we moved to Navarre.”

Miramar Beach

Jamey reports: “Not much of a change other than calmer water! Perfect beach day and zero June grass! Enjoy!

Near Beasley Park, Okaloosa Island

Standarla report: “Sampling for JG, Tuesday AM, east of Beasley Park, Okaloosa Island:

It’s looking good…

Miramar Beach

Jamey (the top reporter & commentor on the JGR) reports: ”

Picture perfect day on Miramar beach, water is pretty calm and no grass at all.
Couldn’t ask for anything better.
We have been coming here for about 16 years and the water is as clear now as it was when we first started coming!

Fort Walton Beach

A beach-goer reports: “We arrived yesterday at Ft. Walton Beach on Sundial Court and the water is amazingly clear and beautifully emerald!

Miramar Beach

Jamey reports: ”

Water is a little rough but no rip currents . It’s a big ZERO on the June grass scale! Perfect !

Miramar Beach 7/7/18

Jamey reports: “Perfect conditions today, water is warm and the adult beverages are cool 😄

Report from just east of Opal Beach

A beach-goer reports: “Wonderful. About 90% clear after weeks of nastiness

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