Deer Lake State Park


Pensacola Beach

A beach-goer says: “Crystal clear water at Toilla Segunda Pensacola Beach today!

And sent us a video, which is always awesome and much appreciated:

Navarre Beach, FL – July 20, 2018, 2:30PM

A beach-goer says: “Water is perfect!!!”

Water’s Edge Condos, Santa Rosa Boulevard

A beach-goer reports: “Perfect today. No Junegrass. Has been great all week.

Orange Beach, AL

A beach-goer reports: “Great day at Perdido Beach Resort on Orange Beach. We have seen a couple Jelly fish, there were a lot of them yesterday (7/19). Clearest water we have seen all week has been today (7/20)!

Dune Allen

A beach-goer sent us this: “Gorgeous day today at Dune Allen”


Dune Allen

A beach goer-says: ” All clear at Dune Allen”

Perdido Key

A beach-goer sent us these pics from the beach at Needle Rush Point:

Miramar Beach

Jamey reports: ”

It’s been a pleasure reporting this week as the only thing I have had to report is crystal clear water, great weather and no jellies! It has been a superb week and I hope it continues.
Sadly it’s time for my family and I to head back to Indiana….I miss my puppies and I have this annoying thing called a job that I have to get back to 🙂
I’m going to spend the last hour of my beach time today picking up trash that has been carelessly left by other people, enjoy the beach responsibly and as always

Miramar Beach

Jamey reports: ”

Another stellar day in the forecast for Miramar.
It seems the June grass has been much less severe this year in all the usual locations, yes there has been some in places but I have seen years where it comes in and at times never leaves!