Beasley Park 6/15/19

Butch L. (one of our much-appreciated long-term contributors) reports:

“Ugly today. Visibility in water is less than 6 inches. Junegrass out to second sandbar. Residual Junegrass from last night scattered along shore. On a positive note. Plenty of parking and Sunshine. 6/15/19
Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island”


Miramar Beach 6/14/19

Todd reports:

“06/14/19 10 am, water very clear today.  Beautiful.”


Pensacola Beach, June 9, 2019

Jerry reports:

“Pensacola Beach water is absolutely perfect today, aside from the rough surf due to storms off the coast. No signs of June grass whatsoever!!”


June Grass Grayton June 5, 2019

Amy reports: “Perfect water Monday at Grayton Beach.
— June grass arrived yesterday. 🙁”


Okaloosa Island

Christy P reports:

Hi, this is from today, 6/3, in front of Summer Place condos on Okaloosa Island. Crystal clear today!

Navarre Beach

Suzanne reports:

“Navarre Beach was clear at 8:50a.m. Grossness Index was zero. Beautiful day for a swim.”


Susanne reports:

Navarre Beach at the Kayak crossover was clear. Gulf was a bit churned up but other than that it was good. Lots of families taking advantage of the warm Gulf temperatures.

Okaloosa Island

Aaron B has graciously sent us an update:”11:18 am. Been nice clear water all morning, all along the beachfront for at least a 1/2 mile or more on either side of OK pier. Gross stuff is still here but is staying 50-100 yards offshore, making for pleasant swimming.

Okaloosa Island

Dennis K sent this update (obviously on a different beach than Aaron):”Looking good – only a very few small patches. Otherwise beautiful but rough (yellow flag & lots of warning from Beach Patrol) 11:00 am 05/30/19

Okaloosa Island

Aaron B reports:”Snotwater here on Okaloosa. Pics taken at 10 am today, near Hilton Garden Inn, about 1/2 mile west of OK pier.