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June Grass Update Sunday Afternoon

June grass update for Walton County 5/26/13:PM

0.5-3.5 on the June Grass Grossness Index. 

My husband and I went for an evening swim. The wind had shifted to the Southeast and there were some moderate waves. Nice for some gentle body surfing, not so nice because they brought the June Grass back in. Fortunately it was only very concentrated in patches. The water was still a nice temperature, although I did find a few cold spots as we swam. We saw a school of ladyfish and some sort of jacks. I also noticed some live olive shells on the bottom, something I’ve never seen here before. We stayed in about 6-7′ of water in between the two sandbars. I have two new swimsuits from Ecostinger and unfortunately I chose to wear the shorty (instead of the full skin) and got stung on the calf by “sea lice”, so keep that in mind. I also got stung on the lip and hubby got several stings as well. Hubby saw a turtle and we both saw a small stingray.

At the time this report was made the beach flags were yellow, but check them again before you head to the beach.

I would love it if you would share your personal June Grass and beach condition reports in the comments section. It would also be great if you left a comment to tell me where you’re traveling from to visit the beach!

If there isn’t a current June Grass report up on this site I suggest checking the link to local beach cams on the left side of this page. They can often give you an idea of what the water is like. It is also important to “Know Before You Go” and check local beach flags. They are updated twice daily at 9:30am and 1:30pm.


Concentrated patches of june grass but not too bad...Photo by Hubby

Concentrated patches of june grass but not too bad…Photo by Hubby

Clearer water further away from the beach...Photo by Hubby

Clearer water further away from the beach…Photo by Hubby