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June Grass Update 7/29/11

June grass update for Walton County July 29th, 2011, AM:

N/A on the June Grass Grossness Index. The surf is very big due to Tropical Storm Don and I can’t tell what the June Grass is like because the storm has left the water extremely turbid.

The SWFD has this to say: Even though the wave heights are only around 2 feet, there WILL BE some strong rip currents across our beaches today: STAY VERY CLOSE TO SHORE. IF YOU DON’T KNOW DON’T GO…. Rip current risk: high…a high risk of rip currents means that wind, wave and tidal conditions all support the development of strong and dangerous rip currents. Lake washouts and soft edges of sand bars can also add to rip current development. Rip currents have the potential to form very quickly at any location across the Beaches of South Walton. Deep channels between the sand bars are where the water brought in from the wave action funnels back out. If you are unsure if rip currents are present, please check with a lifeguard, or stay on the shore. Strong rip currents can take even the strongest swimmers away from shore. Please pay attention to the beach flags, if you are unsure whether rip currents are present, otherwise stay on the shore. There are also jellyfish present across our beaches.”


I got that from their webpage. You can find a link to it in the side bar.

It is my opinion that you should probably stay out of the water unless you are an experienced surfer who is willing to accept personal responsibility for your actions. Otherwise you can enjoy picnics, frisbee, sunbathing, beach combing, and bird watching this weekend. I would also caution families with very small children about visiting the beach because the waves can come up the beach unpredictably.

 If there isn’t a current June Grass report up on this site I suggest checking the link to local beach cams on the left side of this page. They can often give you an idea of what the water is like.