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Help imperiled bird species survive along our beaches | Welcome to Walton Outdoors

Sick. No reports this week.

There probably won’t be any more June grass reports this week. I’ve had an asthma attack and need to rest and take it easy. Please post your personal June grass sightings and beach condition reports if you’re in the area. Thanks!

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Stay out of the water!

No june grass report today: again I could hear the surf from almost a mile away so I didn’t bother going down to the beach. There is also a rip current and high surf advisory in effect for the area. The lives of your loved ones are worth more than whatever you paid to vacation or buy a home here.


I’m not doing a june grass report today because I can hear the waves breaking on the beach even though I’m nearly a mile away. There’s still a Rip Tide Advisory in effect. Stay out of the water. If you want to sit on the sand, fine, but stay out of the water. It looks like it might rain today.

Okaloosa Island Bayside

I was out on Okaloosa Island Wednesday morning. Everything looked clear on Crab Island and on the bay side. I didn’t stop on the Gulf side. There were a few rafts of sargassum floating in the the pass. If anybody else has information on the conditions for Okaloosa Island go ahead and post them in the comments section of this post. Thanks!

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