June Grass Update

June grass update for Walton County July 3rd, 2011, AM:

on the June Grass Grossness Index.  Yesterday afternoon’s “almost” thunderstorm and the current NE wind seems to have chased the June Grass away and the Gulf is beautiful right now! The water very warm, about 86F, is  a nice transparent turquoise and there are small rolling waves. I’ve already been swimming for about an hour this morning and only saw a little June grass and a few isolated clumps of sargassum. I saw many fish while I was swimming including: a remora, juvenile pompano, lady fish, and baitfish. It might be a good fishing day. Do keep an eye on the large clouds off-shore, the beach is no place to be during a thunderstorm. It is very humid today, so make sure you drink enough water if you are out in the sun at the beach. Additionally, if you decide to visit Walton County this weekend there is a Burn Ban in effect. Please leave the fireworks, including sparklers, at home. Today would definitely be a good day for beach combing, building sand castles, and just about any water sports.



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  1. I’m visiting here for a few more days, currently staying in Mirarmar. Went all the way to Navarre beach to stay away from the June grass, it was really nice there. Do you know of any other beaches that might be clear of June grass?

    • Ms. Hetty Mae

      The June Grass can be extremely variable with the tides, winds, and currents that are localized to individual beaches. I usually go to the beach early in the morning, especially if the wind is coming from the North and find there is less of it then. The wind usually shifts to the South around 1pm and it goes downhill from there. If you really want to avoid it you could try the bays; Choctawhatchee maybe at the National Seashore on Okaloosa Island, St. Andrew Bay, or St. Joe Bay.

  2. I am trying to jelly information on jellyfish around navarre beach. I am planning on taking my grand-daught down there in two weeks. Is there alot of jellyfish in the water and on the beach right now? I haven’t been to Florida in about 25 years. Thanks for you help.

    • Ms. Hetty Mae

      I have not seen any jellies in the water for quite some time. The presence of jellies at the beach is effected by tides, currents, winds, among other factors. If one of those things changes there could be jellies where there previously haven’t been any. However, many jellies at our beaches don’t have a sting that hurts people. I often see comb jellies, some people call them sea walnuts, and moon jellies but they are harmless. You do want to watch out for the Portuguese Man’o War, but if those are sighted in the area there will be a purple flag flying at public beaches. If you are curious about the beach safety flags there is a chart on this blog that explains them. The other jelly I have seen commonly is the cannonball jelly, and I have heard mixed reviews about their ability to sting. I am sensitive to jelly stings so I personally would avoid them, but I never see them in the summer time. I usually find them washed up on the beach after winter storms.

  3. Today, or for that fact any day is a great day for a sand castle lesson from beachsandsculptures.com We teach lesson on South Walton County beaches.

    • Ms. Hetty Mae

      Saturday morning, as I was heading out to do the shorebird survey, I noticed something that looked like a sea turtle. I looked at it through my binoculars, expecting a piece of flotsam such as a log or bio-hay. It still looked like a turtle, so I had to go inspect it more closely. Somebody had sculpted a turtle in the sand and covered it with individual, silver dollar-sized, clumps of June-grass. I assume it was a child because I can’t imagine an adult having that much patience or wanting to play with June Grass :-p

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