Where Has the June Grass Report Gone?

Well summer is over, the tourists are gone, and so is the June Grass. The June Grass Report will probably just switch over to reporting beach conditions until next spring, since the fall and winter are great times to enjoy Panhandle beaches. In hindsight I probably should have done a Yellow Fly Report during late summer and I could have written up the tropical storms. There’s always next year.

This morning when I went to the beach the wind was from the north and it was very calm. There were three or four fishing boats about 1/4 mile offshore, so something must have been biting. The water is cooler but still swimable, especially for those from northern climes who are used to having to swim in glacier melt-water. It’s not supposed to rain for the rest of the week so come enjoy the beach!

 If there isn’t a current June Grass report up on this site I suggest checking the link to local beach cams on the left side of this page. They can often give you an idea of what the water is like.


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