June Grass Update for 5/27/12

June grass update for Walton County May 27, PM:

on the June Grass Grossness Index. 

My husband and I went snorkeling at the beach around 5pm. The water visibility was decent and we swam out about 50 yards from the beach into about ten feet of water. I noticed a few dribs and drabs of June Grass along the bottom but none really in the water column. We saw a small southern stingray, a huge school of ladyfish, a couple of jellies, and a lot of gelatinous egg cases in the water. Close to the beach there was a distinctly cooler, somewhat murky, current of water but further out there was a very warm, clear current. This was where the eggs were and I ran into some sea lice, but nothing major, just annoying little stings. The water is probably 78-80F depending on which beach you’re at.

Please be SAFE, SMART, and CONSIDERATE this Memorial Day weekend at the beach!

If there isn’t a current June Grass report up on this site I suggest checking the link to local beach cams on the left side of this page. They can often give you an idea of what the water is like.


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