June Grass Report Schedule

I apologize for the lack of consistent updates. I have a lot of other outdoor hobbies that don’t necessarily involve the beach. I also work full time.

In the future there will be at least one June Grass Update per week from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day.

The rest of the time there will be a monthly beach conditions update, sporadic beach water quality report reblogs, and other occasional relevant posts. The rest of the time the June Grass Report will morph into: The Yellow Fly Report, The Tropical Storm Not Evacuating Report, The Hurricane Evacuated Report, The Mosquito Report, and The Look How Awesome the Beach is in Winter with No Tourists Report.

The Yellow Flies have been pretty bad all spring by the way.

Other reasons there might not be a consistent June Grass Report are that I have melted because I attempted to go to the beach, I don’t like kids but I think they should be encouraged to enjoy the beach so if there are a lot of them down there I don’t go, and because I don’t enjoy crowds in general.

If you leave me a comment I might be motivated to go to the beach to make a report if there hasn’t been one in awhile, but I make no guarantees. Have fun at the beach!

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