Web Cam Educated Guess

I just pulled this screen shot off the Seagrove Beach Sky Cam.



Check out how the June grass is eddying along the sandbars. I generally look at the cams once a day or so. From what I can tell (no money-back guarantee) the west end of South Walton to Destin Pass is relatively clear with some patches of June Grass. There are lots of folks enjoying the water at Sandestin and Pompano Joe’s. From what I’ve been hearing, and seen myself, Henderson Beach and Destin are pretty clear too. Folks are reporting that Okaloosa Island to Navarre are swamped with slimy smelly June Grass. The east end of 30-A including Rosemary and Seagrove look pretty grassy on the cams. I’ve not been hearing good things about PC/PCB, but I haven’t gotten a recent update. These are my best estimates until I go have a look at the water myself. At least it isn’t raining!

I personally wouldn’t bother fishing or swimming where it’s really thick with June grass and I don’t know anything about the bacteria levels in the water even for places that look clear. In moderately grassy areas I’d say fishing might work and if you are paddling it seems like you can get away from the grass, but be careful! I wouldn’t swim but I’m picky.



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  1. Some retired friends and I are coming there to Crystal Beach in late Sept and early Oct. Does the June grass ever run into that season and what about the water conditions then?

  2. ginger mcpherson

    What are the chances it will clear up in 2 weeks? I was concerned about the brown water being an issue but now it looks like june grass may replace it. I know its not the end of the world but I sooooo love the beautiful water in destin

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