June Grass Pics

I think it would be great if I could post other people’s june grass pics. If  you want your pics posted please email them to me at: junegrasspics AT gmail DOT com
Nothing offensive please ( no booze, obscene gestures or R-rated swimwear, etc.) and include your location. By submitting pics you agree to let me use them as I see fit but I’ll put your name on them when posted.


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  1. Was it just inactive for a while?
    What are the current conditions?

    • Ms. Hetty Mae

      Click the tab on the menu & scroll down the comments. Folks have been sending in the latest conditions. I’ll see if I can fix the comments so the most recent conditions are on top.

  2. At Okaloosa Island it is a mucky mess in spots!

  3. We are coming to Destin next weekend and have been monitoring the Junegrassreport.org site, but nothing has been posted since October of last year.
    Has the website moved? Was it just inactive for a while?
    What are the current conditions? Are we looking at pea soup?
    I am so happy you reached out. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ms. Hetty Mae

      We had some extreme weather this spring with ice storms and flooding. I’m ok but my personal and work circumstances have been keeping me off the beach. If you click on the Most Recent June Grass Sightings tab many locals and visitors post their observations there via comments. I’ve been trying to keep on top of them, so there should be recent reports if you scroll down.

  4. Jamey Vibbert

    OMG….I thought you were not doing these anymore! I am leaving for destin tonight! How is the water

Please read the FAQ and KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JUNE GRASS AND SEAWEED before commenting. Updates and comments are appreciated. Complaints are not. Keep it civil. Subscribing to comments is a good way to get June Grass updates faster. Submit June Grass pics, with location, to: junegrasspics AT gmail DOT com

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