Real – time report from Okaloosa Island

Josh reports from Beasley Park: “Can confirm parts of okaloosa island are getting back to normal. Little to no June grass, or seaweed. Water is warm, clear and gorgeous. Lots of people showing up to say thank you to Mother Nature for giving us our beach back!”


Thanks Josh!


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  1. Was wondering if anybody had some updated info on Okaloosa Island? Heading to Destin West Resort on the 19th and am seeing conflicting reports. Past few years have not been good so keeping fingers crossed. Thanks!

  2. July 4th- 9:45 am- water clearer on Okaloosa but still not good and the smell is overwhelming. Really bad. Heading to Henderson- hoping its nice. Anyone know?

  3. That is not true at the boardwalk area. Yesterday that’s how the boardwalk was, hit and miss so I bet tomorrow it will be clear down that way. It seems to be clearing east to west.

  4. If your coming from Navarre on 98, you’d pass Beasley park first when going into destin. It’s just past the boardwalk and gulfarium. We walked from Beasley a ways down and there was some light greenish stuff on the shoreline but it was faint and barely noticeable.

  5. So is it really clear or just some spots. I’m hearing there is still lots of muck to wade thru to get out to clear spots? True? Not true?

    • Not true on Oklaoosa island. From boardwalk to Beasley it’s clear.

    • Josh, is Beasley going towards destin or the other way towards Navarre? We have friends at Surf Dweller saying it is much clearer but lots of smelly stuff on the beach and still bad the first 10-15 ft but clearer past that. They are telling us we would have to wade thru some stuff to get farther out to clearer space. Not true?? Any jelly fish?

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