June grass is a 1 at THPSP

I am on the beach right now! There are just a few random clumps that I can see. However, there are some clumps of darker stuff (I don’t think it’s June grass) along the sandbar but it is easily avoided. Also there is a fair amount of old June grass on the sand from earlier in the week. Not enough to be gross though. The wind is from the north at the moment so that may  e holding the grass at bay. I’m going to stay down here u til it gets hot and I’ll update if anything changes. Remember that day use admission is now free at Topsail Hill State Park but alcohol is not allowed on the beach in the state parks, nor are pets. The flags are yellow and traffic will be bad today, so be careful out there and have a great holiday weekend!


Tried to get pics of the dark stuff, I think it’s just slimy seaweed.



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  1. Thanks for the June Grass update. I’m coming mid June and so hope that it will not be like last year. We couldn’t get into the water anywhere without trudging though a lot of it. šŸ˜
    I’ll be watching for more updates.

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