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Thank you Clay for sending in this report and pic:

“I have been here at El Matador at the end of Okaloosa Island since Saturday. A little algae and some grass out in the water but nothing to complain about. In my opinion you would have to go too far to be safe to get to the bulk of it. My grossness scale would be “0”. As far as the fish kill, there are dead fish. At first i thought it was some left over bait a fisherman discarded but soon realized i was wrong. Its not like they are all over the place but they are here. Nothing too bad though.”


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    Laguna beach area…. not bad but lots more than yesterday

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  2. Jamey Vibbert

    The dead fish sounds like red tide…

    • I’m thinking an anoxia event. It was Billy Bowlegs weekend so who knows what ended up in the water! The authorities have to say something if there is red tide and so far they are silent. Nothing in the local papers.

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