Happy 4th of July from the Beach

Happy Independence Day everyone! I’m at THPSP in Santa Rosa Beach right now. The Gulf is rough but the wind feels nice. I think the flags will be red today but the official word isn’t out yet. Anyway if it does stay yellow I would say keep kiddos out of the water and adults be very cautious. I’m not going in. The weird red blob of seaweed is still here but otherwise pretty clear 1-2 on the Grossness Index.



I really need beach pics from all over the Panhandle and AL today, so I can give the best beach updates possible. Please send pics to junegrasspics  AT g mail DOT com Thanks and have a wonderful holiday!

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  1. How is the shark situation like?

    • I personally worry about traffic accidents and lightning more than sharks. We have sharks. Yes they do come that close to shore. Be aware of your surroundings, don’t swim at night, dawn or dusk, and don’t swim near anglers.

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