June Grass is Still Gross on Okaloosa Island

Patricia from Houston says:
I took this picture on Thursday afternoon. Junegrass still here and still smelly. We are at Waterscape and its a shame this condition of beach. But seems to be just here..well we drove few miles down to Henderson Beach in Destin and waters fine.  Just school of small minnows. .but they are harmless. Its a State Park you pay $6 for day! ”


On that note, I have said it before but I’ll say it again:


I’m not sure what the June Grass is like at Topsail currently. Since I am very fair-skinned and not Southern I don’t go to the beach when we have heat warnings. Lately if we aren’t having a heat warning we seem to be having a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms on FL beaches aren’t something to trifle with. Anyway hopefully I’ll have a report soon.

I am considering disallowing comments that do not differentiate between seaweed and June grass. Yes, seaweed can also be smelly and gross but it is rarely as problematic as the June grass. Please look at the FAQ before posting beach reports or questions. There is a photo showing the difference right at the top of the page, it will take you two seconds. Please be specific about the beach conditions otherwise it is misleading. I will usually swim if there is seaweed but I don’t if there is much June grass and I think many others are the same. If the seaweed (not June grass) IS that bad I need you to send pics and locations because that is really weird!

Thanks for your reports and photos, please keep them coming!


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  1. Thank you so much for the pic in the update we will be coming on August 15 so hopefully will be gone by then

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