More Miramar Beach

Michael reports: “View from the balcony on Miramar Beach – everything green is thick swampy June grass. Very disgusting and disappointing. Won’t be returning”



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  1. We made the mistake of visiting in June once. It’s disappointing, I know, but june grass is seasonal (June/July) and the rest of the year these beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. We came down the second week of October two years ago and it was marvelous I’d say September would have been even better.

  2. Elaine Housewright

    I didn’t know anything about June grass or seaweed until I got here. Came before a week earlier than this one and it was beautiful, the water was so clear. I was more disappointed in the way people left there trash laying around. So sad to see especially since there are trash cans all around the beach. So glad I had a mom to teach me to clean up after myself.

  3. It’s really sucks that this is the way you have to remember the beautiful Emerald Coast. It’s usually very clear and beautiful, you just came at a bad time. Don’t let this bum you out from returning to the most beautiful beaches. Come back it sept or oct, that’s when it’s the best! So many people come to the beach in the summer cause schools out and that’s when most people take vacation but it’s just hot and humid and that’s when the ocean comes alive with jelly fish and sea weed. Take it from a local who’s sees the water everyday. I promise it gets way better than this.

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