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To avoid misinformation please check the FWC webpage for current red tide status. You can also use this resource:

The FWRI Red Tide Status Line is now available to callers throughout the state. FWRI updates the recording each Friday by 5 p.m. Red Tide Status Line: 866-300-9399 (toll-free inside Florida only); 727-552-2448 (outside Florida).

Please refrain from posting unverifiable comments about red tide, I will not approve them.

It is my personal opinion that the recently observed fish kills are from anoxia events associated with the recent high rainfall. I have formed this opinion based on the lack of reports of other red tide characteristics, such as  skin, eye, or lung irritation and the fact that there are many things that cause fish kills other than red tide. 

As regular readers know, I take red tide very seriously as an asthmatic but the June Grass Report will not be publishing misleading or fake news.

If you want to read more about anoxia please check the FAQ.

Thank you for all your updates and photo submissions, they help make the June Grass Report great!

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