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Okaloosa Island

Butch (another super commentor): reports:

Okaloosa Island between beach access 2-4. Small amount of June grass in water. Visibility in water is still 1-2 feet

Me again: Seems to be some sargassum on the beach


Miramar Beach 5/14/19

Jamey’s (our super-commentor) daughter thoughtfully sent us this early season pic:

Crystal Beach

Another update on Crystal Beach conditions: “No June Grass at all. Grossness index is zero. Slight amount of seaweed in the water. Surf is high. Some surfers in the water. Red flags flying.

Crystal Beach

A longtime reader reports: “ Beautiful day at Crystal Beach in the Destin area. Grossness index is zero. Water is fantastic!

Princess Beach, Labor Day

A beach-goer writes:
Labor day 2018 Pricess beach Okaloosa island. Very few specs of vegetation.

Me again: “vegetation” is an excellent term to use if you want to submit oics but don’t know if you’re looking at June grass.

Okaloosa Island 8/30

MT sent us another update (which we greatly appreciate because participation has been pretty low on the JGR this year):

My 2 cents: when the sky looks like that get off the beach! Lightning in FL is no joke!

Okaloosa Island 5pm 8/29/18

MT sends us this update:

Okaloosa Island Monday

MT sends us these pics:

At least the June grass appears to be dying, ugh.

Grayton Beach State Park

A beach-goer reports: “Nice day at Grayton, quite a few people out on the Turtle Reef, I hope to check it out soon.”

Deer Lake State Park