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Back Porch Pics for Thanh

Thanks to the folks who got these for Thanh & did a report. Stay safe everyone!

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Rachael reports: “There was June grass about a 3-4 on the grossness scale at topsail right at the bottom of the boardwalk where everyone was. We walked about a 1/4-1/3 mile to the right and there was no June grass. It was perfect!

“The picture is from today at topsail.
We’ve also been at pcb the last several days and the water was perfect there also.”


Rob reports:
Water is perfect: 0 Junegrass, no jellyfish, large turtle, several dolphins.

Watersound Beach, 7:13 pm

Kathy S. reports: “A fair amt of junegrass. While looks a little clearer by shore it gets thick about 3 feet deep. What washed up at high tide tells the story.

Okaloosa Island

Super Reporter Butch writes: “Just a touch of Junegrass but mostly clear from shoulder high to shore. Heavy Junegrass from about 5 ft deep out to the second sandbar. Beasley Park Okaloosa Island Sunday 3pm


Rob reports: “Palm sized jellyfish, junegrass ranging from 2-3 to 5-6.

Thanks for all you do! Love the site, been using it for years when we visit/plan.”

Miramar Beach

Jamey reports: “Margaritas are cold, water is warm and crystal clear. Enjoy!

Me again: any updates after the thunderstorms yesterday?

Okaloosa Island

Ronnie reports: “The water is clear at Summer Place on Okaloosa. We can finally swim without the swimsuit sushi. Funky factor of 0.

Opal Beach

Suzanne reports:”Opal Beach was beautiful yesterday late afternoon, 6/16/19. Zero June Grass & fabulous swimming! Still a little rough but clear.

For Eddie the Map Guy

Got your message. Sounds intriguing. Not blowing you off: super busy with non-beach things.  Have you talked with Laura Tiu/the June Grass Working Group? She reached out last year, they have an interesting research project in the works.  I try to send interested parties their way. Will be in touch. 😉