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Opal Beach

Suzanne reports:”Opal Beach was beautiful yesterday late afternoon, 6/16/19. Zero June Grass & fabulous swimming! Still a little rough but clear.

For Eddie the Map Guy

Got your message. Sounds intriguing. Not blowing you off: super busy with non-beach things.  Have you talked with Laura Tiu/the June Grass Working Group? She reached out last year, they have an interesting research project in the works.  I try to send interested parties their way. Will be in touch. 😉




Technical Difficulties

Hi Beach Lovers!

I have several old reports that apparently didn’t post. I’m going to re-upload them now. Apologies in advance for any annoyance this may cause on your phone/in your inbox.

Thanks for all the reports & please keep them coming!

Also, please consider checking out what the good folks at the June Grass Working Group are doing and maybe helping them out with emailed reports or on the iNaturalist app.

Okaloosa Island 6/15/19 at 3:46

Ronnie K. reports:

“This was taken in front of Summer Place, we walked down to the pier and it was about the same. Some of the june grass was washing up on the beach but most of it stayed in the water . I’ll rate this an 8 on the funky factor, hopefully it will move on quickly.
We drove over to Henderson Beach to let the kids swim. The water at HB was a 2-3, it had minor grass but was clear in comparison to OIB.
I’ll do morning updates this week while I’m here. ”


Mike G. reports:

“Just got into the Azure Complex on Okaloosa Island. There was no June Grass on the beach but it extended out 25 feet from the shore. Once you get past it, it’s clear.”

Beasley Park 6/15/19

Butch L. (one of our much-appreciated long-term contributors) reports:

“Ugly today. Visibility in water is less than 6 inches. Junegrass out to second sandbar. Residual Junegrass from last night scattered along shore. On a positive note. Plenty of parking and Sunshine. 6/15/19
Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island”


Miramar Beach 6/14/19

Todd reports:

“06/14/19 10 am, water very clear today.  Beautiful.”


Pensacola Beach, June 9, 2019

Jerry reports:

“Pensacola Beach water is absolutely perfect today, aside from the rough surf due to storms off the coast. No signs of June grass whatsoever!!”


June Grass Grayton June 5, 2019

Amy reports: “Perfect water Monday at Grayton Beach.
— June grass arrived yesterday. 🙁”


Okaloosa Island

Christy P reports:

Hi, this is from today, 6/3, in front of Summer Place condos on Okaloosa Island. Crystal clear today!