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THPSP Evening July 3, 2015


I’m giving the water at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park a 1 on the Grossness Index. Just a few random blobs, nice otherwise, cooler than it has been.


Here’s another shot, very clear. However, I kept walking down the beach because it was more crowded than I like (read: there were actually other people present) and I saw this dark blob.


“Ugh, I hope this isn’t June Grass” was my first thought. It was restricted to a random blob maybe 20’x20′ out in the surf so I waded in to see what it was exactly (you guys better appreciate what I do for you). It turned out to be some weird red seaweed I have never seen in the Gulf before. It wasn’t gross but I would prefer it went away. I did not find any of the sea slugs people have been reporting on Okaloosa Island.


Just a reminder: day use entry into the park is free this summer, as is parking and tram service to the beach. If you can live without your alcohol (it’s prohibited on state beaches) and you’re tired of the sea slugs and June grass on the other beaches come over here. I suggest arriving early. The tram runs every 30 minutes from 8am to 5pm, then it runs once an hour until it gets dark (last time I checked).