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Destin 50 Beach Ultra

The Destin 50 Beach Ultra, Son of a Beach 5k Race, and Athlete Challenge, which benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, are being held this weekend!

Please support this very worthy cause! I really think it is great* and it definitely puts the beach into a different perspective. At least go cheer on the athletes. I will be cheering for the military teams and the barefoot racers. I may post pictures later this weekend.



*I support the cause 110%! I disagree with the name “Destin” 50 because, while the 5k takes place in Destin, a great deal of the Ultra is in Walton County. Also the resort hosting the event, Tops’l, is in Mirarmar Beach in Walton County. I get annoyed when people try to pretend that affluent south Walton County is on a different planet than rural, lower-middle class, and often backward north Walton County. However my opinion about socioeconomics should not overshadow the fact that this is a really cool idea, a really unique race, and a great cause to support!