It’s Gone!

THPSP, Stalworth, and Sandestin were clear this evening: 0 on the June Grass Grossness Index!

The water is a beautiful malachite color, between emerald and turquoise, but the surf is 2-3′ and a rip current alert is in effect. Stay out of the water! Red and purple flags were flying at the time of this report. The wind is coming quite strongly from the south, so I am a bit puzzled about where the June grass went.

There was one solitary pompano angler at the beach along with some willets, sanderlings, sand pipers, and a few ghost crabs. It’s shorebird nesting season,  so watch where you step and respect roped – off nesting areas.

Here are a few photos:







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  1. Ugh, so I’m probably going to be in trouble third week of June

  2. Ana Martinez

    Thank you!!! Love the pictures. Ana

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Chuck@gft.comcsl

    So, does June grass come and go throughout the summer?

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