Still Clear

THPSP and Sandestin are still at a 0 on the June Grass Grossness Index.

The wind is coming from the southwest and the water is still a bit choppy for swimming. The water also seems a bit warmer to me today.

There are a ton of black-bellied plover around. They are beautiful birds but very skittish. There are also a lot of other shorebirds like terns, gulls, willet, and sanderlings if bird watching is your thing.

I also noted a large number of black unicorn horn – shaped snails in shallow water, which is new for me. I will try to figure out what species. The beach and the Gulf are full of surprises.




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  1. Craig Spivey

    I surf fish Okaloosa Island several times aweek and I noticed a good patch of the crap on Tuesday but it moved out later in that evening but have not ran into it for the rest of the week. This is good idea for a forum it would be nice to have reports from all the local beaches exspecially for a surf fisher.Really hate the crap seems like with all the money the counties make from tourism they could come up with some kind of plan to atleast slow it down and maybe they could make more money off repeat tourists in the summer month. That crap does not really leave a good impression on visitors.

    • Craig I have been wanting to recruit a bunch of surf fishers to do reports for a long time. I’m not really sure how to reach this audience though, as I am kind of shy in person and sometimes the anglers get to the beach way before I do.

  2. Mary Hartwell Howorth

    Thanks for your prompt response! Our family will be at Blue Mountain next week.

  3. What does THPSP mean?

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    • Ms. Hetty Mae

      Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. It gets old writing it out all the time, especially if I’m making a post from my phone. THPSP is the easiest beach access for me and is where most of the June grass reports come from.

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