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June Grass on Social Media

The June Grass Report is now on Twitter and Facebook.

I like the beach but I also like peace, quiet, and privacy. This is how I feel about social media. However, I am not a complete Luddite and I cannot deny that the Internet (and social media) has dramatically changed the way we communicate.

Since I share the June Grass Report to help others enjoy the beach as much as I do, I want to make sure the June Grass Report gets to people who want it in as many ways as possible.

I choose not to have any personal social media accounts or profiles and I will not be monitoring the ones for the June Grass Report. They are linked to autopost settings from this webpage. I appreciate and encourage all likes, shares, follows, and retweets. For Twitter I suggest using the following hashtags but feel free to make up your own:



However, if you have a question for me or other beach-goers or want to post an update you still need to come here. If you want to to share a photo of beach conditions please email it to me at: junegrasspics AT g mail DOT com (sorry, I have to write the email address that way due to spammers and bots). You can also get updates on current conditions by subscribing to the June Grass Report via email or subscribing to the comments on the  Post Beach Conditions HERE! page.

Should I connect the June Grass Report to Google+ as well?

I’m planning to try a few new things with the June Grass Report this season and I hope you like them.