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Panhandle June Grass

I haven’t been to the beach yet today since there was lightening when I got up this morning. Maybe I’ll go down later.

I really, REALLY appreciate how much participation there has been on the Most Current June Grass Sightings Page! This really improves the June Grass Report since it gives real-time information from places I don’t usually go. Thank you!

Here’s my take on the current June Grass situation:

We’ve been having unprecedented rain in the Southeast for a month.

All the rivers flowing into the Gulf are full of nutrients, basically fertilizer for the June Grass blooms. Yuck.

Most of the time the June Grass seems to come from the western Gulf and the Gulf Stream is a clockwise current (sometimes the June Grass comes from all directions due to the fickleness of winds & tides).

The worst June Grass reports, for the last week or so, have been coming from the west, especially west of East Pass.

It is my opinion that until the last couple of days the massive water flow going out East Pass from Choctawhatchee Bay has been keeping the close-to-shore June Grass blooms off Destin Gulf-side and South Walton beaches, while it piles up from Okaloosa Island to Navarre. Even if the water from the Pass is blowing the June Grass out into the Gulf it’s going to end up over on Destin and South Walton beaches eventually because of the Gulf Stream. I think the June Grass may be starting to show up on the more eastern beaches. The water in South Walton doesn’t look that wonderful either: all the coastal dune lakes are outflowing so the near-shore water looks pretty nasty. I was told yesterday that it looked decent once you got out a few yards from the beach but the wind and waves were pushing the particulates up closest to the shore where there is a bit of a sandbar at the moment (wait five minutes, that will change).

I personally don’t want to go swimming. I’m strongly considering SUP if the wind and waves are cooperative.

In the meantime here is a nice local video of a lovely shark (no I am not being sarcastic, I like sharks, if you don’t then you’re on the wrong webpage):